The integrated logistics firm Maersk India opened its brand-new facility in Bhiwandi, on the outskirts of Mumbai, today


Ryan Best, Head of Logistics & Services, Maersk West & Central Asia; Darryl Judd, Head of Products, Maersk South Asia; Anuj Kathuria, President (India), JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.; Rajesh Gupta, Head of Supply Chain, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.; and leadership teams from both companies were present at the inauguration of the new facility. As a logistics integrator, Maersk creates and offers solutions for everything from air and land transportation to contract logistics like warehousing and distribution (W&D) and depots, customs clearances, visibility solutions, and more. Due to the pandemic’s influence on supply chains, Maersk’s dependable end-to-end solutions made sure that customers’ goods continued to move. The integrated solutions enable Maersk to exert more control over the flow of the cargo at various points along its trip, strengthening supply chains as a result. Maersk is enhancing its position by offering a wider range of services to its clients through a single window as a result of the growth of W&D facilities.


Maersk have gained success after heavy investment in India and would be hoping for more success through this new warehouse

One of the top tyre producers in India and the 22nd largest producer worldwide is JK Tyre. JK Tyre is a worldwide power, operating in 105 nations via more than 180 global distributors. The firm operates 12 globally benchmarked “sustainable” production facilities, 9 of which are in India and 3 of which are in Mexico, which together manufacture over 33 million tyres a year. The firm serves the passenger, commercial, farming, off-road, and 2-3 wheeler market sectors. The first “Smart Tyre” technology ever introduced in India was developed by JK Tyre. It is a cloud-based monitoring system that keeps track of the tyre’s key parameters, including pressure and temperature. Additionally, the business maintains a strong network of over 650+ brand-specific stores under the names Steel Wheels, Truck Wheels, and Xpress Wheels, as well as over 6000 channel partners. After one each in Sikandrabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Bhiwandi in Maharashtra, Maersk’s new facility in Bhiwandi will be the fifth warehouse to go online in 2022. The property has great connection to the manufacturing centres and the Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Mumbai thanks to its strategic location on the Mumbai-Nashik route.