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Intugine Set To Provide Worldwide Cargo Tracking With Multimodal Visibility


Cargo Tracking has become a must and Intugine is now set to provide worldwide cargo tracking with multimodal visibility

The unified tracking of international shipments with multimodal visibility was introduced by the multimodal supply chain visibility platform Intugine to provide some of the biggest businesses in the world sight of their shipments spanning FTL, packages, ocean, and train throughout the world. The majority of logistics operations rely too much on manual techniques for planning and carrying out activities. Silos form around crucial logistical data, and supply chain networks become more opaque. They all contribute to inefficiencies across the supply chain network. Because of this, supply chain visibility is very important to firms.


Cargo tracking can be very beneficial for users going forward as it simplifies things a lot

The majority of shippers spend 70% of their freight budget on full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) services (LTL). Due to the involvement of many courier partners in delivery, partial truckload (PTL) poses difficulties because there is no consistent platform to track all carriers. Due to the lack of a mechanism for assessing courier fees, the firms also experience courier anomalies. By offering an integrated multi-carrier parcel management platform for real-time visibility, Intugine specifically addresses the PTL movement. With more than 700 courier partners, they have integration. The automation of their bill processing eliminates up to 90% of the labor hours required for payment reconciliation. According to reports, real-time transportation visibility technologies will have been purchased by 50% of all worldwide product-centric firms by 2023. Intugine has recorded about 10M+ journeys across all modalities today with 75+ satisfied customers. They want to completely transform how supply chains and logistics are managed globally. Their goal is to make multimodal visibility available to businesses so they can better manage fluctuating market situations, delight consumers, cut costs, and expand their operations.


It would be interesting to see how the mutimodal visibility can be implemented by the company

This is a fantastic chance to grow the company while also ensuring its long-term viability. It is essential to track cargo, and both Intugine and other parties should be aware of the whole region the shipment will pass through as well as the anticipated delivery time. This service has clearly been carefully thought out, and it appears that deployment will start soon. Intugine would hope that they could make the most of this and aid in their expansion and growth.

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