DHL is one of the most renowned companies and is one of the biggest companies in the logistics industry

Today, DHL Express Germany officially broke ground on the new building at Munich Airport. The structure will be constructed on the site of the two parking lots P 80 and P 80 West and have a gross floor space of more than 11,000 square metres. The location’s development was a logical result of the substantial increase in DHL Express shipping volumes at the Gateway Munich in recent years. Modern LED lighting technology, which will be used throughout the complex, is only one example of the energy-saving materials and techniques that DHL Express paid close attention to while creating the structure. Additionally, the building will include a solar system that can produce 100 kWpeak to power the servers, computers, and other services in the building. The facility will be heated by heat pumps in addition to the district heating system at the airport. Additionally, there are plans for 32 electric car charging stations at the PUD fingers, two apron vehicle charging stations, and charging stations in the staff parking lots. Ten electric cars are currently in use at the DHL Express facility in the adjacent town of Unterschleißheim, and more are shortly to follow. 


This is an overview of the beautiful and big Munich airport 

At the Munich entrance, there are 72 workers working there as of this moment. These will double in size and relocate to the new structure once it is put into service. The facility will acquire TAPA Class A accreditation, which is acknowledged as the highest airfreight security level, for meeting Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) security criteria. The expansion of the number of cutting-edge cargo processing facilities in Germany, including Dortmund, Neu-Ulm, and Bremen, is the goal of a significant DHL Express infrastructure enhancement initiative, which includes the new Munich Airport gateway facility. From Nuremberg in the north to Straubing in the northeast, Bad Aibling in the south, and Neu-Ulm in the west, make up the regional service area of the Munich gateway. Additionally, a daily aircraft connects Leipzig, the worldwide centre of DHL Express, with Munich.

 As we had already mentioned, DHL Express is a well-known company that has made a name for itself in the logistics sector. Their new location in the Munich airport ensures that their procedure will be both effective and efficient. The area and storage capacity of the new facility are about seven times bigger than those of the old one.This says a lot about the progress the business is making and its desire to both develop and expand.