A joint venture has been announced by Asendia USA with Broad Reach and Dave Mays to strengthen and expand the network of its services for the retailers based in the US shipping to Canada. With this joint venture, the CEO of Broad Reach, Dave Mays will bring his cross-border e-commerce experience of two decades into the scenario with specialized expertise in making the best solutions for the retailers selling and shipping to Canada.

Although Asendia USA majorly owns the joint venture, Dave Mays, with his extensive knowledge of the market will help to further strengthen the infrastructure of Asendia and its distribution channels in Canada. To serve the e-commerce sellers, Mays will develop technologies and services that are the best in the industry. The collaboration between the two industry experts will help in making cross-border selling to Canada easier for the retailer in the US with some great digital solutions that will help the retailers to enhance their websites and distribution solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. The new modern digital solutions will enable the US brands to enhance the experience of their customers on the website resulting in the attraction of online shoppers. On the other hand, reliable and new shipping solutions at lower rates will help to grow sales of retailers across the regions.


The joint venture is extremely vital for the growth plans of the company because Asendia USA intends to multiply its solutions to Canada in the year 2022.

The joint venture is extremely vital for the growth plans of the company because Asendia USA intends to multiply its solutions to Canada in the year 2022 from the USA and around the globe. With a long experience in the industry along with a track record of growing cross-border e-commerce logistics business that leads in the market, Dave Mays will now focus on the US to Canada shipping logistics. While working closely with Asendia USA, Mays will work towards boosting the company’s presence and offering in the market with the help of better e-commerce solutions. Online stores based in the US that use these solutions will gain access to operational facilities across the nation, multiple entry points into Canada, northbound freight management and customs clearance, direct entry into the Canadian final mile network, delivery to major points in 2 to 6 days, improved transit options (expedited and standard), improved tracking and visibility, and more.


The CEO of Adendia USA, Rob DiVincenzo

Canada is representing a great opportunity for the all the US-based retailers intending to expand internationally, with a booming e-commerce ecosystem and an immense population speaking English and shopping cross-border. Although shipping from the US to Canada has its own challenges like maintaining the efficiency of deliveries despite them being across the border. There is a need as well as growth for more attractive solutions in the market for the retailers. However, to achieve growth, the joint venture is looking forward to an opportunity to invest in more facilities and e-commerce shipping to Canada with better access for retailers in the USA.

The CEO of Adendia USA, Rob DiVincenzo said that Dave Mays will bring a distinctive amalgamation of his market expertise and experience into the expansion of Asendia USA into the Canadian e-commerce market. The company has expressed its excitement to have Dave on board and is looking forward to providing its services to US retailers with a vast variety of solutions to successfully boost their business in the market.