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Panattoni Has Arrived In India And Plans To Spend $200 Million Constructing 4 Logistics Parks


US-based company Panattoni is looking to stamp themselves in the Asian market and have made their first move after coming to India to develop four logistics parks which would cost over $200 million

A US-based company named Panattoni has expanded into India and will spend $200 million to build four industrial and logistics parks there in an effort to meet the rising demand for storage space in major cities. With its launch into India, Panattoni, a global leader in industrial & logistics real estate development, has made its debut in the Asian market. Panattoni India Development Pvt Ltd, an Indian company, with its headquarters in Bengaluru. In order to create four projects for the first phase of the India initiative, the company is in talks with landowners to purchase about 250 acres of property in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Pune


This is the look of one of the logistics that Panattoni established in an European country

The projected investments cover land, building expenses, and other expenses. To build these four initiatives, Chanda stated that the company would also enlist the help of international institutional investors. To be developed specifically for the development of each project, the finance will be raised at the level of the special purpose vehicle (SPV). When asked what size of property would be ideal for the creation of logistics parks, he responded that any size between 50 and 100 acres would be ideal. The firm is open to creating modest 25 acre parks, though. In the projects, 75–80 percent of the space will be set aside for warehouses, while the remaining space will be used to develop industries, according to Chanda, who was formerly head of strategy and acquisitions at Embassy Industrial Parks. Additionally, the business will adhere to its global plan and end each project following development and full tenant leasing. The CEO and co-owner of Panattoni Europe and India, Robert Dobrzycki, emphasized that the international company has made a name for itself as a significant industrial and logistics real estate developer in North America and Europe.

Inside look of one of the logistics parks!

Panattoni took full advantage of this excellent chance, which might offer them an edge over rivals. Four new logistic parks are a wonderful investment for a big country like India, which has the second-largest population in the world and will help them succeed and make money sooner rather than later. A warehouse facility and an effective transportation infrastructure are two fundamental requirements for a logistics park. Additionally, logistics parks provide its clients a variety of other value-added services in addition to on-site customs processing. As there are numerous locations outside of major cities that are unoccupied and may be purchased utilized for this, the prerequisites to build and develop logistics parks are straightforward and would be supplied to them. Only time will tell if this project will be as successful and lucrative for Panattoni as the board members anticipate. This initiative clearly has the ability to satisfy their expectations.

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