Ryder received a award for Verizon’s supplier innovative green initiative in supply chain, Ryder has expanded with their strategic supply chain goals.

Ryder System, a leading company in transportation, supply chain and fleet management solutions, has recently informed that it’s a recipient of Verizon’s in 2022 Supplier Environment Excellence award which is given for green initiative that are permitting the communication technology for the company to reach its supply chain goals.

SVP of global supply chain for Verizon, Chief sustainability officer, James J.Gowen mentions, Ryder is partnering to help us reach our business requirements with the outstanding improvement of the scrap newness recycling programs at our Alburtis, Pennsylvania at distribution center.

It is designed for equipment to repair and re-distribute; Ryder has helped Verizon to expand the LEED Gold-certified Alburtis facility. The companies work together to redirect equipment through renovation and recycling programs which can provide the customers with new equipment during significantly decreasing waste. Moreover, 1.2 million sq. foot facility has integrated several verixon location into one, eventually decrease energy consumption. The centralized location that is combined with Ryder’s High-quality technology and expertise in routine engineering, shortens miles driven.


Ryder President of global supply chain solution, Steve Sensing 

The companies this time plans to work in partnership to divert outdated equipment from landfills by renovation and programs on recycling, that provides customers with latest equipment while can decrease the waste. It significantly shortened miles driven, through the centralized location combined with Ryder’s expertise and technology in route engineering.

In deciding this year’s honorees, Verizon focused on examining the innovative green initiative that Ryder pursued independently. Ryder President of global supply chain solution, Steve Sensing mentions that leaders in logistics and transportation, have the exclusive opportunity to decrease environmental impact for their customers’ operations and for our operations. They do aim to focus on recover and recycling most automotive waste in maintenance shops, by collaborating with manufacturers of modern vehicle technology, including charging infrastructure, electric vehicles and  employing in our warehouse with LEAN principles. Ryder company looks forward to new ways to remove waste out of supply chains.


Ryder is developing green intiative for their supply chain.

Ryder System company

Ryder system founded in 1993, which is based in Miami. It is known to be a leading logistics and transportation company. Ryder provides dedicated transportation, fleet management solutions, supply chain and services such as rental, maintenance, professional drivers, freight brokerage, e-commerce fulfillment, warehousing and distribution, used vehicle sales, transportation service and last mile delivery services, to world’s most popular brands. It provides the services across the United states, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom. Ryder has received awards from industry association, regulatory agencies and customers, which are U.S, Environmental Protection Agency Smart Way High Achiever Award in 2020 and SmartWay Excellence award has continued from (2013-2014,2017,2021)

Ryder manages approximately 239,000 commercial vehicles and it operates above than 330 warehouses, enclosing more than 80 million square feet. Ryder is usually recognized for its leading practices in third party logistics, commercial vehicle maintenance, technology driven advance innovations, environment friendly solutions/results, safety, corporate social responsibility and security programs, hiring diverse workforce and military veteran recruitment.