Scan Global Logistics announced to acquire two logistics companies, Gelders Forwarding and Advection Logistics to boost their logistics service.


Scan Global Logistics, established in 2007, has boosted its position in Europe. Scan Global logistics plans to acquire Gelders Forwarding in the Netherlands and advection logistics which is located in Hungary.

Scan Global Logistics (SGL) who is ambitious global logistics provider has progressed its European organization and has networked to acquire two companies, Gelders Forwarding (Gelders) an ocean forwarder and air which will remarkably scale SGL’s airfreight services and intensify its presence in the technology sector. Advection Logistics, a full-service logistics provider, became the first SGL office, located in Hungary. It provides a platform extension progress in the region.

SGL (Scan Global Logistics) has acquired Sea-Air Logistics Ltd, expanded its presence in Hongkong and China before putting pen to paper and developing its European imprint. The signing aims with the process of SGL’s ambitious growth and acquisition plan, which beyond counts eight acquisitions contains one minority investment as well in 2022.

Scan Global Logistics

Scan Global Logistics acquires two companies for boosting its logistics service.

Advection Managing Direction, Izabella and Gelders Managing Director agreed on expanding their significance of a similar mindset, they join the SGL family. Their company culture DNAs, entrepreneurial and customer focused approach matches well with SGL. It permits them to substantially take advantage of their combined expertise and capabilities which offers improving and extending services to their customers. They envision building their future business together.

Gelders has made its imprint in the semiconductor logistic segment which supports SGL’s strategic aim on airfreight and shall further cement its powerful position as global logistics provider. Freight forwarder expands its market share and this integrated organization shall have beyond 70 dedicated employees.

The chosen logistics provider well-known in the industry, SGL’s customer base will dilate with the inclusion of Gelders list of customers, multiple within the same sector. Association will verify customers with access to a vast global network of industry comprehending how and in-depth expertise from SGL (Scan Global Logistics) professionals to provide high-quality services.

Gelders adds on to animal transportation for a flexible SGL portfolio. Putting its flag in Hungary to allow the proves SGL global expanding strategy. Locally present permits SGL to grow near ties with customers operating it through and within hungary. It even improves offering service and simple supply chain process. Advection’s is a well-established with its competencies, potential and connection which provide great opportunity to grow further in the region

Scan Global Logistics

Advection joining to be part of SGL family.

EMEA of RCEO, Lars Syberg mentions, Advection share a highly commercial approach and deep-rooted industry knowledge. They are delighted to add its strong competencies within automotive logistics, pharma healthcare and advanced technology sector to confirm their customers a better range of service and boosting support for their business.

SGL’s extensive aid and relief effort key location is in Hungary and it does play a vital role for future European humanitarian logistics.

Lars Syberg mentions, these two acquisitions take further steps towards strengthening European organization and for its foundation. It will resume to invest in European infrastructure, systems and employees to encourage their global customers and provide with less complicated logistics when they plan to operate.


Advection Logistics

Scan Global Logistics plans to acquire Advection Logistics, it is known for its full-service logistics provider. The company together has 20 years of global logistics experience. The power of personal service with compliance and malleability which will create value for their customers. At Budapest airport, they provide warehousing, cross-docking and in-house customs solutions.