In order to strengthen their market supremacy, Hoyer, the global leader in the handling and transportation of liquid dangerous commodities, has created a new cutting-edge facility.

With Supply Chain Solutions, the logistics provider offers committed experience in on-site and warehouse logistics to customers in the chemical and gas industries. Even in this industry, Hoyer often provides customized logistics solutions to meet customer needs. This new facility established by Hoyer, features a fully and semi-automated order picking process which is a technology new to the industry. The warehouse is also equipped with digitisation of good flow which in turn will lead to efficiency and productivity as well as personality development. The new logistics centre is extremely cutting-edge, being the first warehouse where Hoyer has deployed driverless transport technologies. It is also Evonik’s largest worldwide finished product warehouse for palletized goods. There are also retrieval and storage systems that operate semi-automatically, with the potential of advancing the warehouse’s full automation. 


This state of the art facility will help the company a lot in the long run

The Hoyer Group promotes development, digitization, and contemporary logistics throughout the whole supply chain. The highly qualified workforce will continue to ensure efficiency. They are in charge of completing jobs in a safe and timely manner and making sure that Hoyer honours its commitments to consumers. All logistical procedures adhere to the highest standards for effectiveness, quality, and safety. With Evonik, Hoyer carefully planned the approach paths and procedures. The largest industrial manufacturer in Essen transports a variety of raw materials and completed goods across plant borders to the Hoyer logistics facility, where containers are centrally stored and order-picked for further transportation. Another added advantage is that the company would be saving upto three million tonne-kilometres of road transports through this. Evonik’s climate aims are aided by the careful planning and seamless integration of its production and storage facilities. Just having the logistics centre nearby prevents the company from travelling about 3 million tonne-kilometres on the road, or roughly 3,000 truck trips. This reduces CO2 emissions by 210 tonnes annually. Modern electrified industrial truck fleets and the energy savings from installing the latest LED lights at the warehouse itself help to promote sustainability. 



The collaboration with Evonik industries, who are the best in the business might just be the way to go forward

Hoyer has built an outstanding facility and made wise investments in it because they knew it would pay off in the long run. As expected, the corporation would save money by avoiding 3 million tonne-kilometres of road trips. Whether or not this investment will yield the expected effects will only become apparent with time.