Airport Logistics seems to be the way forward according to Siemens Logistics. Siemens Logistics are planning to shift their focus on airport logistics and bolster that sector.

Leading supplier of cutting-edge and effective airport logistics solutions is Siemens Logistics. The portfolio includes goods and services for handling luggage and freight, top-tier software for digitising logistics procedures, as well as a wide range of upkeep and services. Through its regional businesses, the corporation has operations in more than 60 countries and is represented globally. Reputable airports and airlines from all over the world are among the major clients. A wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG is Siemens Logistics. The main reason as to why the company has shifted its focus on airport logistics is because of the sale of its mail and parcel business. Siemens and the Körber Group had agreed that Siemens would sell the postal and parcel division of Siemens Logistics GmbH. With this acquisition, Siemens is putting into practise the strict portfolio-sharpening strategy that its Managing and Supervisory Boards of Siemens AG have authorised. Total cost of acquisition is €1.15 billion (enterprise value). The mail and parcel business has a long-term, strategic new owner in Körber, a market-leading technology corporation whose Business Area Supply Chain has prospered recently. 



This is an excellent example of how Siemens handles baggage and other logistics at the airport

After the sale of their parcel and mail business, the full focus of Siemens Logistics is on the airport logistics sector. With a focus on automating and digitalizing air freight and baggage handling products and solutions, Siemens Logistics seeks to develop airport logistics. For both integrated airport digitalization solutions and baggage and freight handling, Siemens Logistics is a significant airport logistics provider. World firsts like the VarioBelt TilterPlus belt conveyor, the automated ULD unloader VarioTip, and the adaptable Baggage 360 airport operations software are included in its portfolio. Michael Reichle, chief executive of Siemens Logistics, and former chief executive of Siemens Parcel Logistics, explained that, “We’re seeing a distinct uptick in demand for air travel. After the last two years, airport operators are now on the lookout for solutions that will boost their overall efficiency while still being fast and flexible to implement.”


Korber group purchased the mail and parcel business looking at the scope of it’s growth in the future

Airport Logistics might be the way forward especially for Siemens as they have a proper focus on it and as mentioned by their chief executive, have a plan that they will seek to follow. It remains to be seen how this plan is executed and how this will yield success for the company in the long run.