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Indonesian start-up McEasy is digitizing logistics, transportation and supply chain business


Tech start-up based out of Indonesia, McEasy has raised the capital of $6.5 million in its Series A funding. The company is trying to change the old-fashioned system that is used by most of the logistics companies in Indonesia to track the operations and fleet. This system of keeping the record even included the pen-and-paper system for which, McEasy develops software as a service solution for these industries as well as the logistics and supply chain sector. The start-up has raised fresh capital in the funding round that was led by East Ventures.

The company was founded by Raymond Sutjiono and Hendrik Ekowaluyo in the year 2017. Currently, the company is serving more than 200 clients and the list includes companies like Rosalia Indah, Tanto Intim Line, Cleo Pure Water, MGM Bosco Logistics, and KMDI Logistics as well. The Vehicle Smart Management System by the company is a software and smart tracker, which has been adopted by various users in terms of vehicles like freight forwarding services, passenger busses, and even the vehicles that have refrigeration to transport meat, sea-foods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, and other frozen food items. For improving the business efficiency of vehicles, real-time tracking and an ecosystem of open API, the other product of the company is the Mobility Software as a service that helps to digitize the vehicles for all the mentioned services.


McEasy company was founded by Raymond Sutjiono and Hendrik Ekowaluyo in the year 2017.

The fresh capital raised by the company will be used to develop products that will help to establish the name in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of Indonesia. According to McEasy, the start-up has seen a growth of 12X in the last 18 months of its functioning.

Co-founder of McEasy, Raymond Sutjiono said that he met the other co-founder of the company Ekowaluyo at Purdue University where both of them were working in structural engineering. While mentioning the expertise of Ekowaluyo, Sutjiono said that he is a master of structure design and program management in cars while he also focuses on system control, data handling, and engine electronics. The two friends and colleagues started McEasy after they returned to Indonesia to make hybrid motorcycles but decided to come up with a smart tracker for motorcycles as the market was shifting to the digital world instead of hybrid bikes. After noticing that the trackers were cost-excessive, they decided on another shift to automotive and B2B logistics. Suijiono also mentioned that they wanted to come up with a digital solution that could enhance the business process as the logistics companies were still using traditional methods.

The founders of McEasy met at Purdue University.

According to the founders, for operations like managing drivers, fuel consumption, expenses, and other route efficiencies, 85% of the transport and supply chain businesses are still using the pen-and-paper system. The company is spreading the word to convince people to shift from the conventional ways to McEasy and also growing its operations. According to a statement by the co-founder of East Ventures, Willson Cuaca has said that McEasy and the team have successfully accelerated the business in the post-pandemic situation and have combined logistics and technology in the best way possible to enhance their services and offerings, strengthen its presence in the market and maintain the profitability.

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