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Mahindra Logistics would concentrate on improving the skills of D&I candidates


Mahindra Logistics are aiming at improving the efficiency of their employees by training individuals from different backgrounds and various departments.



A great initiative as physically disabled will now be able to get a sustainable life

Another great initiative taken by the Mahindra Logistics is the aim to hire people that are physically challenged. According to its five-year plan, Mahindra Logistics has hired people who are differently abled, educates staff members, and conducts infrastructure assessments to determine whether it is ready to hire people with disabilities (Pwd). According to the statement that was released, MLL has employed JCOs/NCOs, Officers at the rank of Colonel, and ex-servicemen across the three batches of ex-servicemen under the VEER (Veteran Employment, Engagement and Retention) programme. They have collaborated and structured out a partnership with GTT Foundation which is known for making sure that people that are from different communities or have any physical disabilities get jobs and skill them by teaching the basic job skills. According to the trustee of the GTT Foundation, Uma Ganesh, she said that, “GTT Foundation has been working with marginalized communities to help them become employable and build sustainable livelihoods.In this context, we are delighted to partner with Mahindra Logistics to extend employability training for LGBTQ community, Persons with Disabilities and women from humble backgrounds across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Telangana, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Andhra Pradesh. We thank Mahindra Logistics for this support that would transform the lives of 200 families.” 

Skilled employees in different departments would lead to great efficiency 

This collaboration between Mahindra Logistics and GTT Foundation can lead to great outcomes for the employees, company and the customers. This can be an initiative that can be adopted by other companies as well and can help the people from the different backgrounds and people with different disabilities will be able to find jobs and can get a sustainable job. 

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