ArrowSpot and Astrocast partner for advanced global asset tracking devices for supply chain solutions, with the advanced tool of Satellite IoT.


Recently, Astrocast announced about the partnership with ArrowSpot. (SatloT) Astrocast is integrating its Satellite IoT technology into a ArrowSpot’s Arrow Track SAT device and its ArroWatch application. This Hybrid communication with its advanced tracking solution merge cellular and satellite communication with network access. It permits ArrowSpot’s customers to take advantage of entire visibility for their supply chain and quick, permitting effective management of assets globally.

ArrowSpot’s technology solution allows supply chain managers to take cost-effective and proactive approaches to fleet management and cargo. It has improved track and trace solutions that make it feasible for organizations to monitor active assets anytime and anyplace throughout their journey. Clients who are gaining benefit from working with ArrowSpot which even includes Oceanex Inc. and ZIM Shipping Line, intermodal transportation services

For a supply chain with resilience essential monitoring for 24/7. For countless years, Arrowspot has been projecting for an effective IoT solution which allows it to track moving assets over the globe. The connectivity through terrestrial networks covers 15% of the planet, Astrocast and ArrowSpot have united forces to resolve the issue of tracking assets over the remaining 85% world using Satellite IoT.


ArrowSpot’s new Arrow Track SAT device

The collaboration between ArrowSpot’s new Arrow Track SAT, first device which integrates cellular and satellite communication. Hybrid communication does provide solutions to customers global coverage, allowing the effective management of containers moving throughout the world.

The visual demonstration of this solution can be seen in pharmaceutical sector, which can be used as a strong case. It is necessary to manage security and temperate control while safeguarding valuable cargo over the pharmaceutical supply chain. It is important to respond quickly as possible while any unexpected event occurs during handling cargo. The quick solution requires organizations which provide the right kind of technology and serve in place to respond and track such events.

This information shall be shared with clients immediately to make appropriate decisions for any cargo in transit. In the supply chain the benefit for providing this visibility can decrease any potential impact on cargo, this true visibility over all these areas in the world has been possible only through Satellite IoT.


Astrocast CEO, Fabien Jordan

CEO of Astrocast, Fabien Jordan mentions, Satellite IoT is supplying benefits for organizations globally and over various industries and cases. They are partnering with ArrowSpot, share their ambition to tackle complex use cases and develop a sophisticated Satellite which is based as an IoT solution. It has impressed them with ArrowSpot’s experience with designing complex products to work in harsh environments and develop services especially designed for the container business.

ArroWatch is a proven key-tool for cargo owners and shipping lines to decrease wastage and improve supply chain resilience. ArroWatch has monitored across 30,000 trips. ArrowSpot 24/7 control center has tracked over 1 million cargo days which is valued in excess of US $10 billion. Half of cargo over US $250 million, is crucial pharmaceutical products, food cargo making over US $150 million. This Satellite IoT allows ArrowSpot maintain a seamless service for their customer and permit everyone to achieve better return on investment.