Chandigarh airport is one of the best airports in India and has been doing its best to upgrade to better facilities from time to time.

Chandigarh International Airport is situated a little away from the main city and in order to reduce the travel time and keeping in mind the traffic congestion, a meeting was conducted to sort out the situation. This meeting included Union Territory Adviser, Dharam Pal, Chandigarh Smart City Ltd (CSCL), the Chief Administrator, Greater Mohali Development Authority (GMADA); the Municipal Corporation (MC), Mohali; and the SSP (Traffic), UT.  The main agenda of the meeting was to effectively implement the Integrated Traffic Management System and reduce the travel time for the people going to the airport.

Traffic on the way to the main areas around the airport and to the aiport was the reason why this system was needed

The topic of establishing a green channel to ease traffic to the airport was raised. The Integrated Control and Command System (ICCS) of Chandigarh Smart City Ltd is used by the traffic control system at nine signals between Transport Chowk and the Faidan barrier to regulate the cycle time of the traffic at various intersections and roundabouts. It was revealed at the discussion that there are 15 traffic signals close to the Transport Chowk. These include nine under the control of the UT Administration, three under the Mohali Chowk, one under the GMADA, and two under the JLPL Engineering Wing. Following the discussions, it was determined that the interested parties would offer their opinions on the matter, which would be conveyed to the Chandigarh Chief Engineer within a week. The chief architect and chief engineer of the Chandigarh Smart city were among the representatives who also attended the conference in addition to the chief engineer. The Chandigarh Administration has proposed two quicker routes to the Punjab and Haryana High Court in May 2022, which will cut the distance from the main city to the airport by about 8 kilometers. The Chandigarh Administration provided the High Court with a status report.  


Through the newly added green line system, the traffic will be reduced by a significant margin 

This is a great initiative as it would save a lot of time and would increase the efficiency at the airport as well as the nearby areas. The traffic congestion was one of the major issues leading up to the discussion, therefore, it was integral that this plan gets implemented sooners rather than later.