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CEVA Logistics expands service network to help European ocean customers, inaugurates new office in Gdynia, Poland


Global logistics and supply chain company CEVA Logistics has rolled out a new office which is located in Gdynia, Poland. With this expansion of the company, CEVA is helping its European customers to connect with ports around the globe. The main focus of the new location will be freight services taking place through oceans including full container load (FCL), less-than-container load (LCL), project logistics and break bulk as well.

Including its major logistics sites based on contracts like Pila, Poznan and Wroclaw, the company currently has more than 30 locations in Poland where they are operating. The members of the Ocean freight teams and the Industrial projects and Energy services teams of the company will be residing in the new freight management office that has opened in Gdynia. Also, the rail control tower will be for Europe operated from this new location.


CEVA is also offering more sustainable transportation options to its customers.

In the vast and extensive global network with more than 1,000 locations and 10,000 port pairs in the logistics industry, the new branch of CEVA logistics in Gdynia will help its customers to have access to another connection point. With these new direct port services in Gydnia and the already existing one in Gdansk, the logistics company now offers direct LCL connections between regions like North America, Asia Pacific including Ningbo, Hong Kong and Shanghai and Europe. The United States is one of the top connections for the logistics company’ LCL services in Gdynia. The company has already started working from the new location, beginning with the already operational weekly services from Chicago to Gdynia. These services also include pickup services that are available from anywhere in the US.

With new and more efficient LCL offerings, CEVA is providing a large range of services to its customers around the globe. One of the first freight forwarders to offset 100% of their LCL services was CEVA in 2021. The company charges no extra cost for the value-added offsetting feature for the customers using LCL cargo every year. The company has also taken steps for the PUR Project conservation efforts with the help of their ‘Share the Box’ LCL carbon emission program in southeast Sierra Leone.

The company currently has more than 30 locations in Poland where they are operating.

For short sea shipping, CEVA is also offering more sustainable transportation options to its customers. The LCL short sea green-route service is available on weekly basis from Gdynia to Tilbury in England. According to the CEVA Green route, all journeys are made on ships that are fueled by liquified natural gas (LNG). Additionally, CEVA Logistics carries LCL short marine cargoes from additional Eastern European cities including Hamburg, Bratislava and Prague to Tilbury via the Port of Gdynia. All the shipments to take place are integrated at the port of Gdynia and further, the delivery process will be handled by CEVA, including both-side custom clearance.

According to the global ocean leader of CEVA logistics, Stephane Gautrais, the customers will benefit from the efficient ocean offerings and the global network of the company, along with the new experienced team of Gdynia. The team is there to not only focus on the needs of their customers but also the conditions and shifts of the wider market.

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