NTC Group from the Tamil Nadu have launched two new businesses in the logistics sector which might create opportunities and profits for all involved

NTC Group is famous for building industrial establishments in India and have been doing it successfully for over 24years. The NTC group now contributes to some of the most vital sectors of the state as well as the national economy. The partners of the NTC Group met on Sunday and launched the two new logistics companies by the names of Boxory Logistics and Cargonix Xpress. Both the companies will have completely different roles and working styles and have a different motive all together. The main aim for both the companies is to generate employment opportunities and profit for the company by providing the best facility to its customers. This expansion and opening up for new businesses is because of the founder Dr. Chandramohan and his friends who helped him diversify the business.and expand these businesses globally.



The two new companies will help transform the logstics industry in Southern India at first and then spread variably throughout the country

NTC Group will enter the expedited logistics market with Cargonix Xpress. LCL, FCL, NVOCC, air freight, multi-city consolidation, warehousing, and other services are offered by Boxory Logistics, a provider of freight consolidation services. Cargonix Express is what people are excited about, since its express cargo capabilities have the ability to meet the dynamic market requirements. The services that it will offer will include Same Day Delivery, Committed Delivery, Deferred Delivery, COD / FOD, Milk Run, as well as a spectrum of industrial solutions.



Same Day Delivery is one of the features of the two brand new companies and a feature the customers would love to use

The main reason as to why the Logistics companies started by the NTC group can be one of the best, is because of its warehousing space that it offers to the companies. The company is providing the finest in class warehouse facilities at all consumption centres in the nation with over 5 million square feet of warehouse space and 4.5 million square feet of “Site Storage” facility. All in all, it is a great investment by the NTC group to invest in the logistics industry by forming two companies which can reduce the problems in the logistics industry and can give excellent facilities to the customers. Furthermore, it would provide more profit to the group as well as create more employment opportunities for the people in the country.