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AFS Logistics Reduced Cost Of Transportation, Lead To Top Project

AFS Logistics

AFS Logistics plans to improve their visibility for the entire retailers’ logistics network and it resulted in key solutions.  

On June 28, 2022 AFS logistics declared recognition recipient of supply and demand chain executive’s top supply chain project award. This (3PL) third-party logistics company has earned the recognition of a transportation solution which decreases the parcel cost over 14% and (LTL) less-than-truckload spend over nearly 17% for their customers, a western wear retailer.

The retailer’s chief financial officer mentions, they are bleeding millions of dollars in excess freight costs, if we did not have AFS. They currently have the expertise, system and knowledge which their business requires and need, they do everything more effectively than we could.

AFS Logistics drove savings and improved their visibility all over the retailer’s logistics network which resulted in two key solutions. This logistics company has negotiated a contract with a new parcel carrier for outbound customer shipments and executed a (TMS) transportation management system which permits a more precise and effective management of inbound freight from the vendors.

AFS Logistics

Covid-19 period created a threat to AFS Logistics and its supply chain shipments.

COVID-19 threatens supply chain shipments

Retailers long relying on the same parcel carriers, limited capacity and service issue has started to appear during covid pandemic which has warned the retailers ability to deliver on customer service expectations and protect margins. The parcel shipment challenges, business also requires gain over better control of LTL (less-than-truckload) spend for inbound freight, that had become bloated vendors has proceeded along with the cost of shipping to the retailers.

The company has identified a parcel carrier with competitive pricing and discussed a new deal, leverage long-term relationship with other carrier’s divisions to conquer with policy stipulation which would have enforced the shipper to negotiate for their own behalf. This emerging contract significantly decreased the retailer’s parcel cost, permitting them to maintain fair prices for their clients.

To tackle retailer’s LTL cost, AFS has provided a TMS to handle 95% of inbound freight and trained roughly 400 of the retailer’s vendors to utilize the portal. It helps the retailers through the system to generate bids, set rates to improve visibility for their logistics network, and it considers lowering their financial risk. AFS logistics resumes to use data generated through retailers shipment, guide their logistics operations and set them up for ahead success.

AFS  launched its two key solutions for effective supply chain delivery.

AFS CEO, Tom Nightingale mentions, the increased transportation costs and disruption has made it difficult for several businesses to effectively manage their logistics networks, manage costs and deliver on customer expectations. Shippers approach them to optimize their carrier networks and cost-effectively which creates flexibility by state-of-the-art technology and industry major expertise, so they can aim on better serving their customers.

ASF Logistics

ASF Logistics is a leading company who has more than 1800 companies across 35 countries, it drives sustained savings and operational development and turning their logistics operation into more customer-based differentiators and competitive. ASL provides several services such as parcel audit, LTL cost management, parcel cost management, freight and parcel audit, freight brokerage.

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