The USA-based logistics company STG Logistics announced on Monday that the company is all set to take the next step towards the consolidation and growth of the company with a reconstructed Commercial Organisation that has been designed specially to meet the logistics solutions of the expanded coast-to-coast container. Jennifer Thayer, who led the sales efforts earlier at XPO Intermodal since 2021, has been appointed as the Chief Commercial Officer of STG Logistics.

Talking about the new CCO, Jennifer Thayer, the CEO of STG Logistics, Paul Syindland said that Thayer brings her exceptional passion for business development along with her. She will also work towards the effectiveness of the organisation and talent development within the team. He also added that she is recognised as a great partner in the industry, who has the potential to develop and incorporate the strategic capability of business with excellence in the day-to-day delivery solutions. Paul is confident about Jennifer’s skills and that she will maintain the leadership and innovation in her fresh position at the company. Pal also mentioned that Thayer will directly report to him in the company about her tasks.


Jennifer Thayer has been appointed as the Chief Commercial Officer of STG Logistics.

Dave Sosnowski has been positioned as the Chief Marketing Officer, which is an addition to his already existing role as commercial leader of the wholesale business of the company and under Sosnowski, STG is also merging the market functions around all the units of the company as a part of the Commercial Organisation Integration. This will enable the company to bring more effectiveness in the building of their brand, help with marketing tasks and will also create productivity in the other units of the business as well.

Mark darling is joining in the newly introduced role of SVP of Transload, in the Commercial Leadership team and will be reporting directly to Ms Thayer. He will work for the selling and distribution in the position to bring about the ‘total sale solutions’ for the company. Under Ms Thayer, the enterprise sales team will also be merged. Meeting the demand and growth in the regions of Chicago and Houston, STG is working towards developing the brand presence in the new markets by expanding its team. While providing a better customer experience, the new structure is also expected to increase the productivity of the company, improve its effectiveness and speed up the process of decision-making. According to the CEO of STG, the right organisational structure in the right place is a vital step for improvement in execution and increase in efficiency and effectiveness of STG.


STG is working toward developing its brand presence in the new markets by expanding its team.

A portfolio firm of Wind Point Partners since 2016, at present, STG Logistics is under the support of Wind Point, Oaktree Capital Management L.P. and management. STG is a company that provides premium logistics providers of extended port-to-door and outsourced services. The company claims that their nationwide network of international operations and drayage, warehouse fulfilment locations combined with the best of their team of best people and exclusive technology will help to deliver effective savings to the supply chain of the company.