Lulu hypermarket opened a new logistics center of 7,400 sqm facility which is exclusive, it is located at Agility Logistic park in Doha.


In Kuwait, Agility is a logistics company which provides supply chain services, innovation and infrastructure. It was announced today that Lulu Hypermarket, a crucial news in Kuwait has begun its new fulfilment center at (ALP) Agility Logistics Park which is located in Doha.

This latest logistics center, which is 7,400 sq m space, will act as an exclusive e-fulfilment center and the logistics hub for the company’s expanding e-commerce activity in Kuwait. This new facility contains latest smart warehousing technologies like automated storage and sorting, all these products are based on their categories, from frozen foods and fresh and alternative non-grocery products as well.

CEO of ALP Kuwait and GCC, Nader Sakeen mentions, they are pleased to welcome Lulu hypermarket at the new facility in Doha at (ALP) Agility Logistics Park. This state of art facility has been made to reach to Lulu’s standards and requirements, the advanced design provides them with benefit to store maximum goods in a lesser space. (ALP) Agility Logistics park does work with companies of all sizes which includes from SMEs to multinationals, they are aware of ‘how to deliver’ warehouses that includes everyone’s needs.

Agility Logistics Park

Lulu hypermarket latest logistics hub at the Agility Logistics Park (ALP) is located in Doha.

The company’s recent logistics hub at the ALP in Doha, it will build up Lulu Hypermarket’s operation with convenient, safe and faster service. A Logistics hub will permit the retailer to organize orders and deliver them to customers efficiently and fastly. Lulu Hypermarket will deploy its fleet, it is custom-made and fitted with three temperature-managed compartments for chilled, frozen and ambient demand to preserve the freshness and food safety standards.

Agility Logistics Parks features built-up in Doha, international standardized warehouses and logistics facilities which serve leading multinationals and government small, medium- sized businesses, located in Kuwait.

ALP (Agility Logistics Parks) supply its customers by building warehouses, even shared facilities such as open storage, truck, car-staging yards and laydown. The logistics park includes air-condition warehouses, ambient, freezers with concrete/ tangible paving, container-yard storage and afflict warehouses. But Agility warehouses meet the standards of the international environment and features the eco-friendly construction materials, by using energy-efficient roof, wind- driven roof fans, side-insulated panels, skylights for natural lighting with LED and energy saving lights fittings.

Agility Logistics Park

Agility Logistics Park

About Agility Logistics park

Agility company is a global leader in infrastructure, supply chain and innovation. It is a multi-business operator with other companies which contains logistics park business, known as the largest private owner warehousing and industrial real estate which is located near the Middle East. Agility is an investor in sustainability, innovation and resilience as well, this growing portfolio of non-listed and listed investors partners looks to reshape their industries over a range of sectors.

Agility Logistics Parks has the largest private owners and developers of warehouses and industrial parks located in Africa, Middle East and South Asia. It builds, funds and manages the world-class facilities and infrastructure which provide help to companies to operate the world’s fastest growing markets. Agility is an explorer in emerging markets and investors and leaders in technology enhancing supply-chain efficiency.