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American Airlines Cargo Set To Use IBS Software To Fast-Track Web Cargo Integration

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American Airlines Cargo had adopted the IBS Software’s with the aim of fast tracking the web cargo integration

American Airlines Cargo has deployed iPartner Customer (IPC) by IBS software that will allow the company for quicker and smoother integration with WebCargo, a Freightos Group company. By using the IBS Software’s latest iPartner customer, American Airlines Cargo will now have the feature that allows quicker integration of cargo sales and distribution offerings. This new collaboration will allow American Airlines to use the business opportunities provided by Web Cargo, with the goal of providing an enhanced reach to a wider audience. American Airlines Cargo’s distribution strategy will have greater control if they use the IBS Software’s iPartner Customer as they will then have the option to prove the customers with interesting benefits like filtering out efficiently. 

Air Transport

American Airlines Cargo’s collaboration with WebCargo can be a milestone for the future

The goal of IBS Software’s iPC is to give carriers access to a highly adaptable and scalable platform with built-in support for integrating digital sales channels. With the help of this technology, the goals of the integration between American Airlines Cargo and WebCargo sooner rather than later. The main objective for American Airlines Cargo for using the software is to digitize their integration with suppliers and partners and earn tangible business benefits like better customer engagement, less operational costs and faster sales cycles. IBS Software is a top developer of SaaS solutions that aid and resolve issues in the aviation, travel, and hospitality sectors. Fleet & crew operations, aircraft maintenance, passenger services, loyalty programmes, employee travel, and air-cargo management are all covered by IBS Software’s solutions for the aviation sector.

With this software in place, the benfits for both the companies will increase

Roger Samways, Vice-President Commercial for American Airlines Cargo said that, “At American Airlines Cargo we are 100% committed to driving operational excellence through digital technology. Working with IBS Software on our integration with WebCargo enables us to provide our customers with an enhanced digital booking experience and access to the real-time rates and capacity that WebCargo offers, as well as expand our reach to new customers.” He also added that he is excited about continuing this partnership with IBS Software because the aim of both the companies is to grow in the air cargo industry through digitization. 

After American Airlines Cargo announced that they’ll use the iPartner solution of the IBS software to fast track their web cargo integration, it was indeed a step in the right direction. The amount of benefits that it will provide American Airlines Cargo are massive and it is the start of a long time relationship with IBS Software and a relationship that will stay for years to come and would be beneficial to both the companies. 

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