Cargo Stack will offer more benefits to the users than the conventional cargo management system which is a big advantage

Cargo Stack, which was started by the Wiremind Group, was launched in the year 2014. Wiremind Cargo is positioned in the field of freight with experts entirely dedicated to the needs of the industry and the development of dedicated tools. Cargo Stack have now decided to come up with a new policy where they want to offer more benefits to users. They will plan to do this by doing a proper revamp of the conventional cargo management system. They have thought about the four major differences between their cargo management system and the conventional cargo management system.


Cargo Stack was launched in 2014 and has been on the rise since then

The first key difference that the company’s senior product manager pointed out was the user interface. According to him, the look and feel of the system is nice to have and a feature that the customers and users will actually love to see. The second feature is the capacity that they’ll offer to the users using their unique capacity management approach. They have the facility of the company’s Skypallet module which is embedded inside. Skypallet takes different use cases into account and uses comprehensive algorithms to help airlines, GSAs, GHAs and freight forwarders with their daily tasks for the quotation process, capacity control, ULD build-up and weight and balance. The company’s main need is to make sales and revenues and that is offered through the dynamic pricing system which will in-turn result in increase of sales and revenue for the company. Lastly, they have stressed about the connectivity issue and have found a solution for that as well. “All our architecture is API-centric, which means every single data point belongs to a dedicated API. This enables fast and efficient interface connections to any system and was something we identified as a unique selling point from the beginning of the design process,” says de Montecler, senior product manager at Wiremind group.

 The Wiremind group’s cargo arm Cargo Stack, through these four features, is trying to get a hold of the market. Brand loyalty is one of the factors that the company looks at and their aim is to retain customers as well as attract new customers/users at the same time. These four features, if implemented properly will be able to give them the cutting edge that they need and help them further establish themselves in the market.