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Groyyo Start-up Raised $40 million By Alpha Wave Global


Groyyo, start-up has raised around $40 million and plans to further partner with Alpha Wave Global.

The start-up company Groyyo has recently raised $40 million, B2B manufacturing start-up enables the company for a debt-equity in the investment round of Series-A. This investing round is lead by Alpha Wave Global and with participation from investors through Sparrow Capital, Alpha Wave and Stride Ventures.

Groyyo is a collaboration of equity and debt in its Series-A round that raised around $40 million in less than a year. Tiger Global funding with strong collaboration from early investor Alpha Wave Global.

This investment round is participated by these existing investors Vineet Gautam (CEO of Bestseller India), Sparrow Capital, angel investors such as Bahram Vakil (Founder & Senior Partner at AZB & Partners) Strive Ventures with including debt partners like Capsave Finance and Blacksoil is participating for Groyyo.

These investing funds will be allot towards scaling teams for manufacturing in Bangladesh and India, demands belts in EU and USA. The company plans to invest in development/ progress in technology and product to make an efficient and sustainable ecosystem.

Groyyo founders Subin Mitra, Ridham Upadhyay and Pratik Tiwari in July 2021. Accomplished over $100 million topline annually and working with clients over the EU, US, MENA and North America. This stirrup wants to envision a strategy to envision to allow partner manufacturers to connect and network to scale business using factories.


Groyyo funds in their Series -A round with $40 million.

CEO of Groyyo Subin Mitra mentions, having spent a significant amount of time with manufactures over South Asia, they are eager and zeal to develop and take business towards global. Their vision for Groyyo is to connect partners with 200 million and SME manufacturers in their quest/pursuit/search to scale their business.

The Groyyo is a cross-border business-to-business supply chain enabling the company to help SME manufactures over South Asia in the lifestyle and fashion categories.

In July 2021, Groyyo founded by Pratik Tiwari, Subin Mitra and Ridam Upadhyay, it authorized over 400 manufacturers for 150 product categories by increasing their manufacturing potential within the period of 11 months of being operational. Groyyo attain a $100 million annualized and they plan to work with marquee clients across the MENA, US,EU and North America.

Groyyo founder Pratik Tiwari, Subin Mitra and Ridam Upadhyay

Co-founder of Groyyo mentions that Groyyo in their seed round raised $4.6 Million by Alpha Wave Incubation and Alpha Wave Global, LP. Groyyo has built an entire team with Chandni, Shivom, Bhargavi, Aditya, Shefali, Tuneer, Deepal, Shivom, Abhigyan, Chetanananda, Gagan, Ankit and others. In their official Linkdin Post, they have mentioned partnering with Stride Ventures as well.

This Asia B2B platform is leading and empowering over 200 million micro-manufactures across Asia and they have envisioned to give them an opportunity to take their business global.

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