Delhivery IPO was recently put out in the market and has been having a very inconsistent run.

Delhivery is one of the most renowned companies for logistics and is famous for transferring goods and products from one place to another. They will make sure that the parcel is safe throughout the courier process journey and reaches its destination within the stipulated time. They can courier the parcels carrying the goods across the world and ensure it reaches the right place at the right time. Delhivery over the years has become the go to company for any product to be delivered across the world. Companies that work from home but have the service of delivering products use the trusted service of Delhivery to make sure it reaches its customers on time.

People since the pandemic have started buying goods and services online rather than going to the market and buying the products themselves. The online market has seen significant growth over the years solely because of two reasons that are the enhancement of technology among the masses and improved logistics industry in the country. Since the turn of the century, technology has been advancing and has been progressing well. The public has also been able to adapt to the technology really well and they have progressed with the regular changes in the technology. Logistics industry has also advanced a lot and has been able to cope up with the regular changes and with what the customer wants. 


Delhivery is one of the most popular companies for logistics 

The Delhivery IPO has been a topsy-turvy one since it has been on the market for over a month now and it has started to impact the furniture logistics. The main reason for the impact is the hike in the prices of the logistics and the increased costs that the IPO brings with it. If the price is increasing, the quality will also be better and would make sure it reaches the customer within the time frame. Companies have drastically hiked service prices, bringing importance and more value to logistics. But that should be no reason to worry as the quality of service would also increase. This way, the furniture industry would improve its supply management and serve a more vast audience with ease.  

The competition in the logistics as well as the furniture industry is a lot and things need to be done in order to ensure that even if the price is increasing, the quality of the process is not declining and should be improved overall.