After making success in the major cities of India, Cargo Partner looks to expand in 10 more cities


Cargo Partner is one of the largest info-logistics providers across the globe and offers air, sea, land and warehousing services. Apart from this, they have special expertise in information technology and supply chain optimization. It has been in-business for over 35 years and has been providing top quality service since then. It has become the go-to logistics partner for any customer or business due to the quality and the kind of service it provides to them. Their headquarters are in Austria but they have 140 offices in 40 countries and have been looking to expand their businesses more and are available in more cities and countries.


Cargo Partner is hoping to expand its services in more than ten Indian cities by 2025 and have plans to expand in the next three years. Cargo Partner has already established themselves in India by having offices in major cities like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The increased demand in the Indian market and from the Indian customers is the reason for this expansion. After this expansion is fully complete, Cargo Partner hopes to be in 24 cities and almost all major states of the country. This would be a massive advantage to the people of the country, since it means that the customers will have an increased choice in the logistics industry and can choose which company’s service they want. 


Cargo Partner is all set to expand and make sure that it is present in major states of India

 The company is eyeing growth in the pharmaceutical space, and “believes that India is one of the largest manufacturers of medicines and there are ample opportunities for big firms to come up with more innovations in this area. In 2020, cargo-partner opened its GDP-compliant competence center for pharmaceuticals & healthcare in Mumbai in addition to its Pharma Competence Centre in Vienna and Hamburg. This enables cargo-partners in India to offer customers GDP-compliant services in warehousing, national and regional trucking as well as international air and sea freight.” 

Customers would be hoping this expansion begins soon and they have the option of Cargo Partner on a regular basis. This expansion would allow e-commerce to expand as well, because now online business providers can now provide their stuff across the country safely and at an affordable price.