Now we can check how much toll tax we have to pay on toll booths via google maps

Google Maps is one of the most commonly used by almost everyone around the world and it is one of the most useful applications that a smart phone brings. With the help of the google maps, people are able to reach far off locations in less time, due to its feature of showing the fastest route. One new feature that Google maps have added to enhance their customer experience, is showcasing the amount of toll that the user might have to pay especially for people traveling through national highways. It would tell you the estimated amount of toll that the user would pay depending upon the route and also how many tolls would come from the start to the destination.

There are various factors that Google might have to consider before showcasing the exact amount on the application. They still have to rely on local authorities and therefore are just showcasing the estimated amount on the application. Another big factor that hasn’t been taken into consideration is the vehicle by which the user is traveling since it affects the toll price as well. If the user is traveling by car, the toll tax would be less, while, on the other hand, if the user is traveling by a truck or a heavy vehicle, the toll tax would be significantly higher. 

Google Maps

Now along with the time taken, it would easier for us to see, how much money do we have to pay and which toll booth is near to us

After testing the feature, it looks effective but it has to be implemented smoothly across the country considering the amount of national highways and the amount of toll booths on a highway. This feature exists only on specific routes as of now and does not exist on all the national highway routes. Through this feature, people would be saving a lot of time, effort and can costs as well. People would be hoping google soon deploys this feature on all the routes throughout the country.