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Etihad Cargo and B Medical Systems ink MoU for sustainable pharmaceutical shipping solutions


The cargo and logistics force of Etihad Aviation Group has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with B Medical Systems, to set in motion and develop a passive temperature-controlled solution specifically for an airline which can be helpful for the transportation of medicines & other life-saving drugs, vaccines and various high-value pharmaceuticals. Based out of Luxembourg, B Medical Systems is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical refrigeration devices, is in a collaboration with Etihad Cargo.

In this collaboration with Etihad, B Medical Systems is expected to develop the container units which are controlled by temperature with capacities of load ranging from two to 1,500 gallons that use passive cooling technology to conserve temperatures between -80 and 25 degrees Celsius for up to five days without requiring an external power source, decreasing carbon emissions. The strong and vigorous design of the containers and the capabilities that are used in multiple ways and enable an operational life for more than ten years.


B Medical Systems is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical refrigeration devices.

The senior Vice President of Sales and Cargo at Etihad Aviation Group, Martin Drew has said that Etihad is the first airline across the globe that has collaborated with a partner company to launch and develop container units that are specifically altered to facilitate the mode of air transportation. The collaboration of Etihad Cargo with B Medical Systems is the latest step that the aviation company has taken to achieve the expected sustainability targets. Etihad Cargo is future-proofing the delivery of medicines by replacing traditional active cold chain air transportation containers with aviation-specific units that consume less energy, delivering a better solution for Etihad Cargo’s clients, the aviation sector, and the environment.

The transportation of such vital and temperature-sensitive components requires a strong procession of cold chains said the Deputy CEO of B Medical Systems, Jesal Doshi. He also added that the expertise of the company in creating sustainable and quality medical cold chain solutions and the operational knowledge of Etihad Cargo will allow both the companies to enhance the sustainability in the sector of aviation units that will ensure safety, effectiveness and eco-friendly nature of the transportation of the pharmaceuticals and other components which are temperature sensitive. 

The transportation of medicines & other life-saving drugs, vaccines and various high-value pharmaceuticals requires a strong procession.

The aviation company, Etihad Cargo is entering the BIO International Convention, which is a high-profile commission of Abu Dhabi, headed by H.E. Abdulla bin Mohammed Al Hamed, who is also the Chairman of the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi (DoH). The mentioned commission will be visiting the USA to explore the opportunities for collaborations specifically in the health industry and life sciences to set up sustainable apparatus that will help to strengthen the healthcare sector in both the nations and also, showcase the renowned healthcare ecosystem of Abu Dhabi.

As a result of the sector’s strong development potential, cooperation possibilities throughout the biopharmaceutical and healthcare value chain continue to arise in Abu Dhabi, backed by a strong infrastructure and advanced healthcare environment. By utilising science and technology, Abu Dhabi has been driving the transformation of the regional healthcare ecosystem, establishing itself as a worldwide life sciences centre and incubator for healthcare innovation.

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