DHL, a shipping label online delivery platform, announced the rise of price in DHL deliveries. The dynamics with their recent goal for Go-Green services made an impact on customers.

On July 1, 2022, DHL company announced that parcel delivery prices in the supply chain deliveries for their private customers is adjusting through price advantage for small parcels packages and stamps which are online shopped will avoid to apply for domestic parcel shipments. In retail outlets the prices will increase for especially Packchen S and M products.

The increase of product deliveries is raised higher as per the company 2kg parcel, which is accessible online will increase up to EUR 4.99 to 5.49 Packset and products of Pluspackchen will cost increasingly more in paper costs. Though the price for retail outlets is 5kg parcel, parcel products used by private customers are decreasing (EUR 6.99 instead of EUR 7.49).

As a customer, DHL shipping labels for specific package sizes which are available in stocks, you can save a few euros. Package stamps purchased in the set are valid for a time period of three years and stored in your profile, which can be delivered automatically when it’s direct. Though the amount of packages is planned to be more for the next three years, customers should consider stocking them.


DHL supply chain, parcel price enormously have increased. 

DHL company retail outlet prices for 10 kg and 31.5 kg parcels will continue to be unchanged. Banishing the price difference between stamps online and retail outlets decreases complexity and makes it clear and easier for the company parcel prices terms for their customers. This increase in DHL supply chain parcel prices indicates, DHL increasement in transport and labour costs and other growth cost inflation.

Later, six years of maintaining a period for price stability in the company’s international parcel business, price changes are managed for cross-border parcel and small package shipments in Germany. Company moderately passes to customers which are steep cases of increase in airfares and substantial ascend in terms of costs charged through delivery partners for delivering merchandise items by Deutsche Post DHL, under the Universal Postal Convention term as “terminal dues” in the form of price rise for small parcel dispatch. The rise of cost indicates higher prices for shipments location in the US.


DHL launches GO-Green service for the benefit of customers.

DHL Go-Green service

On July 1, EUR 1.70 data entry fees for shipments to non-EU countries at retail outlets will not be able to apply. Alternatively, it will incorporate straight into the respective retail outlet prices rate of EUR 1 for non-EU shipments. Deutsche Post DHL’s reliable strategy for exporting merchandise shipments to private customers. From July 1st Go-Green service will include these products, so customers can avoid paying the surcharge that are applied usually. It is the case analyzed for domestic parcel shipments.

In distinction to domestic parcels, the shipment price differences are directly online which will continue to be in place, direct electronic entry for essential data generates cost benefits for DHL, company proceeds with customers.

The German Federal Network Agency published international parcel prices in November 2021 showing, DHL Paket’s prices are under the European average. It will not change with the new price adjustment, according to Press release.