The well-known Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) have agreed in cooperation with the Association of Infrastructure Industry (India), to launch a programme called the Executive Excellence Programme. This programme by IIT-K and the Association of Infrastructure Industry will include short courses with a duration of almost 2-3 days, which will be offered in different regions of India for people to enhance their skills.

This particular programme focuses on upskilling and improving the engineers and architects who are currently practising in the nation, by providing them with various tools for help and allowing them to learn how to deal with the challenges shortly in a better way. Professor Sudhir Mishra, who is from the Civil engineering department of IIT Kanpur, has been appointed as the programme director of EEP. Prof Mishra will lead the administration of the programme and various other courses as well, which come under the mentioned programme. These courses will then be brought up ahead and will be examined by a special united board that will comprise eminent facilities from institutes like IIM Lucknow, IIT Delhi, Kharagpur, Indore and Madras aside from the other industry experts who will help the students to further improve their skills.  


The Centre of Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur will evaluate the courses later.

Later on, the Centre of Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur will evaluate the courses and approve them accordingly. Prof Mishra said that the arrangement of the programme has currently been kept for one year. The department is currently working on the details of the courses to be offered and the rest of the details will be out soon. He also disclosed that the first course is likely to be offered in the month of July this year. The courses to be offered under the EEP will have information and education related to different parameters of infrastructure management. It will also include topics like technologies, developments in construction, contact management, infrastructure financing, steps to sustainable infrastructure, safety and quality issues in the construction industry and many other concerns related to the infrastructure industry.

According to the reports, the programme is likely to make efforts to help the participants enrolled in the courses get exposure to the industry and upcoming technological advancements that have taken place in infrastructure creation as well as management. As part of the endeavour, engineers from government departments will be taught about the most recent accomplishments in these domains.


This particular programme focuses on upskilling and improving the engineers and architects.

While EEP will initially regulate the content of some of the courses, there is a chance for the content to see some modifications according to the feedback from the participants. Other than that, suggestions from the industry professionals will also be invited for a better understanding of the industry norms which are required so, that the content can be worked out according to the advice of the industry experts and make it more inclusive of the parameters that the experts find vital. The industry professionals will also be called upon to participate in the courses by conducting special lectures on some of the topics related to the industry.