United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) received funds $14 million through Great American Outdoors Acts for the Mountains to Sound Greenway Project. USDA plans to expand and improve with their infrastructure projects.

USDA, which is also known as United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, Utah State Director has declared that the department made an investment of around $6.4 million for the verification with property owners around 1,920 in rural Utah can have access to reliable, modern and safe water infrastructure. Updating the water system is necessary and essential to protect the health of rural communities. USDA is delighted to invest in projects that help local households and businesses, with these upgrades life in these communities have the maximum potential to flourish and succeed.

On June 6, company deputy Agriculture secretary, Dr. Jewel Bronaugh informed that the U.S Department of Agriculture is investing more than half a billion dollars by the Great American Outdoors Act to improve infrastructure, escalate user access and provide help to rural economies and to reach conservation goals.

Bronaugh informed that both are popular recreation sites near the Denny Creek and Franklin with I-90 corridor. The Mountains to Sound Greenway Project received greater than $14 million by Great American Outdoors Acts in the Fiscal Year of 2021. In this fiscal year, the area possibly upgraded failing infrastructure with $7.1 million and plans to improve the experience for the 1.5 million visitors that visit the site each year.


GAOA funding will be used for water infrastructure and land conservation.

The Great American Outdoors Acts funding overall is separated between the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the Legacy Restoration Funds.

Legacy Restoration Funds aims to address the backlog of postponed maintenance on federally managed public land and 450 projects in 38 states with $285 million, this even includes Puerto Rico. Currently, the Mountains to Sound Greenway infrastructure project includes developing roads leading towards popular trails and upgrade Monongahela National Forest in the West for the improvement.

For the Water and Land funding which is received from Great American Outdoors Acts, plans to expand Forest service conservation efforts on state, national and private land by voluntary land acquisition. The Forest Service during this fiscal year has invested around $218 million into programs, they plan to launch 25 new projects to unlock hunting, new fishing and opportunities across ten of thousands of acres nationwide.



Legacy Restoration funds will be invested for 450 projects in 38 states.

These both the project will improve with access to disconnected lands and protects land from non-forest uses, be home to various species of concerns, for grizzly bears, gray wolves, Canada lynx and various other fish species.

The Great American Outdoors Act and President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are putting stakes on America-their special places, community and their people. Even exceeding improving facilities, access and infrastructure, through this investment it will create economic opportunities and good jobs have the most impact through these infrastructure projects mentioned by Deputy Agriculture secretary, Dr. Jewel Bronaugh.

Even GAOA (Great American Outdoors Acts) plan to provide permanent funding of the Land and Water Conservation fund at $900 million for improving recreational opportunities to protect watersheds, public land, wildlife and preserve ecosystem benefits for indigenous communities.