A startup, Chainguard raised around $50 million, this funding round lead by Sequoia Capital, Amplify, LiveOak Venture Partners, the Chainsmokers’ Mantis VC, CISOs from Google and others. 


In June 2, 2022, Chainguard leader released the information on securing the software supply chain by default, the company has reported to raise $50 million in its funding of Series-A round.

This funding round lead by Sequoia Capital, Amplify, the Chainsmokers’ Mantis VC, Banana Capital, LiveOak Venture Partners, CISOs from Google, K5/JPMC and others. The Chainguard company announced about Chainguard images, their base images for the first time designed for a secure software supply chain which is resumed to achieve zero-known exposure.

Sequoia Capital partner, Bogomil Balkansky mentions, this software supply chain as quality profile attacks such as Log4j, have addressed the need to establish a foundation of trust in the software which companies set in production.

This company provides confidence in critical open source software, they will deploy by providing a low-friction, develop better way of signing and identifying software artifacts to have a trail to trace if an act of breaking does occur. The Chainguard Team are the leaders in this space, it is the correct team at the appointed time to handle these problems.


Chainguard. software supply chain raised $50 million.

These new base images, company Chainguard has provided with its enforce service for containerized workloads. Develop on top of the sigstore, this cryptographically open source tool is signing code, this will confirm those signatures and will make this data auditable, other open source tools such as Knative and cloud-native services. This permits the businesses to enforce their supply chain policies based on the SLSA framework and NIST’s Secure Software Development Framework. Through this code run and ensure that security teams and developers know what exactly is used to build software inside a company.

Security has kept their focus on firewalls and perimeter security for decades, who provides software systems. Through escalating the distributed nature of software development, it lead to security concerns and significant focus on the software supply chain. These attacks are increasing in lifecycle development of every stage and brought $100 billion damages from the Solarwinds attack alone.


Solarwinds attacks has damaged $100 billion.

Developers should maintain security of their code, artifacts, build systems and including from binaries to container images and language packages which they are currently using.

Chainguard envisioned a supply chain, all artifacts can be verifiable to trace back source code and hardware which is developed on and by whom. The company is comprehending and addressing chaotic security solutions space by smoothly integrating security into the software development lifecycle.

Its accumulated, point-to-point solution from development to production to policy management. This founding team at Chainguard which includes, Scott Nichol, Matt Moore, Kim Lewandowski, opensource industry veterans Dan Lorenc and Ville Aikas. At Google the entire team has worked on world’s foundation container projects, such as Minikube, Knative, Kaniko, Tekton, Skaffold, Distroless, Ko and Chainguard’s product is firmly fixed in open standards and critical open source projects which includes apko, Sigstore and the SLSA framework.