Air France KLM Group and CGM Group collaboration, strengthen the air cargo industry. These Group will expand air freight service for supply chain solutions.  

Recently, CMA CGM Group has declared about their long-term strategic partnership for their air cargo. The company has partnered in the air cargo market, this collaboration will complement their cargo networks, full freighter potential and devoted services to build a more competitive offer. This will globally land its footprint of Air France-KLM and CMA CGM.

CMA CGM Group is a French container-shipping e-commerce company, that has revealed their partnership with Air France-KLM, they plan to obtain around 9% of the airline. From last year’s net profit which increased by $19 billion, the third-largest container line can afford to procure all of Air France. As the ports are chockablock and freight rate persistently endure as sky-high.

This partnership strengthens their air cargo for 10-years. CMA CGM and Air France-KLM both promote a solid aim to invest and grow feasible in the air freight business. They will exclusively operate the full-freighter aircraft potential of the specific airline containing a fleet of 10 full-freighter aircraft.

Air Cargo

Air France collaborates with CMA CGM Group. 

In future, 4 full-freighter aircraft at CMA CGM Air Cargo with an additional order of 8 aircraft, near the future 2 of them are considered to be operated by Air France-KLM. This full-freighter aircraft has around 6 based at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with an additional order of 4 aircraft. This partnership will be able to cover Air France-KLM’s belly aircraft capacity which even include over 160 long-haul aircraft.


CMA CGM advancing its cargo transformation into global leaders of logistics

CMA CGM Group plans to build and provide the procedure of the entire shipping and logistics solution for customers’ supply chains. This group informs, in the last three years the acquisition of CEVA Logistics, Ingram Micro’s Commerce & (CLS) Lifecycle Services and GEFCO. These operations have accelerated the strategic development of CMA CGM Group into a global logistics leader.

In 2021, CMA CGM Group CEO, Rodolphe Saade built CMA CGM Air Cargo, this new operational and commercial arm specialized in air freight, Air Cargo provides the customer with the offering which harnesses the tight fit between logistics and shipping.

CMA CGM Group is currently present in 160 countries, 400 offices and 750 warehouses. World leader of logistics, CEVA Logistics transports 400,000 tons of air freight and 2.8 million land freight for each year. This Group is frequently innovating for its customer to provide a complete and efficient range of new shipping, air, land and logistics solutions.

Air Cargo

CEVA Logistics, Air Freight delivery transported around 400,000 tons.

Air France-KLM is known to be a firm airline group in airfreight. Full Freighter is extensive and (WBB) Wide Body Belly aircraft network develops around two global hubs located at Paris-Charles de Gaulle air port and Amsterdam Airport, cargo facilities serving at 295 destinations over 110 countries.

This air France is present in 116 stations which covers over 390 stations that are spread over all continents, producing its commercial network as strongest in the airfreight industry. Air France-KLM has experience in the field of specialized cargo such as pharmaceuticals, express, perishable and developed innovative digital service solutions in the air freight industry.