Tech Mahindra announced a partnership with Pegasystem for innovative solutions for their customer needs. This digital transformation will uplift and improve the process for their customers.

On May 19, a leading digital transformation, business re-engineering service and solutions consulting announced a new collaboration. Tech Mahindra disclosed its long-standing partnerships with Pegasystems to build an expanded ecosystem in the next five years. This collaboration will create innovative solutions for the industry to accelerate, digital transformation for their customers.

For two decades, Tech Mahindra and Pega Practice have operated hundreds of successful business transformation stories and testimony across the global industries such as digitizing clinical operations for life science, digital banking process automation by Pega Centres of Excellence and modernization for leading automotive players.

In the recent collaborative acquisitions and investments, which include EventUS, MadPow and DigitalOnUS, Tech Mahindra’s Pega Practice has maximized its innovative business solution to manage customers’ needs and requirements. It provides intelligent automation to customers and provides help to drive digital transformation.

Tech Mahindra

Pegasystem and Tech Mahindra expand their partnership. 

Tech Mahindra President, Lakshmanan Chidambaram mentions, the demand for digital technology solutions has been increased across sectors, enterprises are focusing to become digitally mature, resilient and agile. Through this collaboration with Pegasystems, will continue to leverage on cutting-edge technology which will provide innovative solutions. These solutions would provide help make business differentiation, intensify human-centric experience and provide opportunities for revenue growth.


Pegasystem and Mahindra collaboration for deliveries

This collaboration with Pegasystem is a strategic approach to burst old ideas, blaze new trails and make connected experiences. Tech Mahindra and Pega will begin a series of initiatives which will penetrate niche markets by industry solutions, such as (DCSA) Digital Customer Service accelerator for contract center transformations, AfterEAZE solution for Aftermarket, other in pipeline benefitting Pega customers over the identified geographies and verticals.

The business environment is speedingly changing and they are evolving to adapt and to stay ahead of the curve by partner-centric initiatives. As the company’s bond with Tech Mahindra has grown, there has been a rising effort  to make an ecosystem which delivers differentiated digital experiences  for their  joint customers. They have recognized joint initiatives which will drive them together and plans to expand their relationship, as mentioned by Carola Cazenave Pegasystem vice president, global partner ecosystem.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra accelerate its innovation with AFTEAZE platform.

This expanded bond between Tech Mahindra and Pegasystem, will increase investment and  accelerate innovation into Tech Mahindra with the AFTEAZE platform that is powered by Pega. This platform employs a holistic approach to re-envision the Aftermarket business process for the Digital Age. It focuses to significantly reduce warranty and aftersales spend and allows process efficiency through Digital Process Automation, mining and give contextual data for product quality improvement and provides afersales growth opportunities. This will improve the partnership and stakeholder will experience across the aftermarket value chain from manufacturer and customer to dealers, distributors and suppliers.

Tech Mahindra trusts in DigitALL philosophy for thorough Business Transformation. The digital technologies catalyze transformations as humanizing businesses by providing them help to think, sense, connect, secure, communicate and act in an improved way than before. It aims to enhance ‘human centric experience’ Tech Mahindra aims to invest in emerging technologies and solutions which allows digital transformation and meets the needs of the customer.