Companies informed the signed agreement for Cameron LNG Phase 2 and Porth Arthur LNG projects. This agreement plans to expand and Sempra Infrastructure president discusses its future plans.


Sempra founded in 1998, a sub-ordinate of Sempra who made an agreement to supply (LNG) the liquefied natural gas to polish oil and PGNiG, the gas company by its portfolio of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects is located in U.S.

Below the (HOA) heads of agreement, PGNiG located in Poland will purchase for around three million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of LNG which is (FOB) free on board from Sempra Infrastructure.

Dan Brouillette, Sempra Infrastructure president mentions, this agreement underscores our commitment to provide help with greater energy security to Poland and our global partners by long-term LNG sales.

PGNiG SA President mentioned, the deal agreement will create the path for negotiations for PGNiG detailed terms to purchase LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) from the infrastructure Partner. LNG is known to be one of the cornerstones of our diversified strategy to improve the value Polish energy security and to strengthen the commercial protentional of PGNiG group. PGNiG are determined to expand operations in this direction and these steps to secure access to sufficient natural gas volume in further future.

Sempra Infrastructure

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) project in US.

Heads of agreement (HOA) examine the negotiation and accomplishment of definitive with 20-year LNG sale and purchase agreement from Cameron LNG Phrase for 2Mtpa of two under development projects in Louisiana. Port Arthur 1 Mtpa, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is under project development in Texas. In 2022, heads of agreement provide PGNiG with the opportunity to allocate volumes from Cameron LNG Phase 2 project to the Port Arthur LNG project.

Sempra Infrastructure and PGNiG envisions to proceed in working towards a framework for the mitigation, reduction and greenhouse gas emission reporting across the LNG value chain.

This infrastructure company is developing the Cameron LNG Phase 2 project and it is expected to add a single LNG train with extreme production capacity of approximately of 6.75 Mtpa of LNG and debottlenecking of the existing three LNG trains facility in Louisiana, Hackberry.

Sempra Infrastructure

PGNiG Group with detailed terms purchase LNG.

Sempra infrastructure last month made an agreement HOA with the Cameron LNG partners for the expansion growth of the Cameron LNG Phase of 2 projects. Sempra infrastructure will develop the proposed Porth Arthur LNG project which is around 13.5 Mtpa, it is completely permitted facility at Jefferson country in Texas with 3,000-acre site.

HOA (head of agreement) is a preliminary, non-binding arrangement and the Cameron LNG Phase 2. LNG projects of Porth Arthur continues to be a subject of uncertainties, reaching definitive agreements, signing engineering, securing all necessary permits and construction contracts. It is obtaining financing and incentives to reach a final end investment decision for individual project.


About PGNiG Group

PGNiG group leader is in Polish gas market. This exploration and production of natural gas, crude oil, sale, international gas trading and distribution of gas, liquid fuels, heat and electricity generation. This group consists for over 30 companies and overall number of employees are 25, 000. This operates in various other location such as Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. PGNiG SA known to be largest company which has been listen under Warsaw Stock exchange.