Tata Power and Hyundai Motors announced their partnership with EV charger, Tata power supply with end-to-end as home charging solutions.

On Tuesday, Tata Power announced to be partnering with Hyundai Motor India (HMIL), they are planning to build an (EV) electric vehicle charging network and the company informed on 17 May.

The company mentions, it shall install Tata Power EZ Charge fast chargers (DC 60 kW) at the HMIL’s is existence in 34 EV dealer at the location for about 29 cities in addition with installations, supply and commissioning of home charging for HMIL’s EV customers.

At the current, overall, 34 HMIL dealers with locations are provided with AC 7.2 kW chargers and the company focuses on to expand with the fast charging infra network with pan dealerships across India, company mentions. The Hyundai Motors India dealership for the charging stations will be unlocked for all electric vehicle customers. The other company, Tata Power will provide the offer with an end-to-end charging solution at the home of HMIL’s EV owners.

Hyundai Motor

Hyundai Motor CEO,Unsoo Kim and Tata Power CEO, Dr. Praveer Sinha collaborates.

Hyundai Motor association with EVs Infrastructure

India’s largest integrated power companies Tata Power and Hyundai Motor plan to robust with a leading EV charging infrastructure provider to boost EV adoption in India. By this association, Hyundai Motor India will contribute as a key role in expanding the quality charging infrastructure.

Hyundai Motor India and Tata Power, MoU was signed by the presence of MD and CEO of Hyndai Motor India limited, Mr. Unsoo Kim and MD & CEO of Tata Power Dr. Praveer Sinha at the HMIL’s Headquarters in Haryana.

Currently, HMIL has an existing network of 34 EV Dealers across 29 cities, they envision to expand the charging infra network across its pan India dealerships. This EV vehicle charging time of DC 60 kW, charger is reduced compared to AC 7.2 kW charger. DC 60 kW charging stations will improve the quality of customer convenience.

MD and CEO of Hyundai Motor India Limited mentions, Hyundai’s global vision of ‘progress for humanity’ and new brand direction heading towards “beyond mobility”, Hyundai Motor delighted to announced the partnership with Tata power to strengthen and facilitate India’s with resilient EV ecosystem and build up the outlook on reaffirming Hyundai’s vision, sustainable transportation to join social responsibility with financial prosperity and community wellness.

Hyundai Motor

Hyundai Motor India provides EV charging Infrastructure.

These strategic partnerships are crucial, in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by customers to accomplish the goal of carbon neutrality. This collaboration will power-up electric mobility missions by providing end-to-end EV charging infrastructure for enhancing customer convenience and ease of adoption of electric vehicles.

This collaboration with Hyundai Motor India, will provide hassle-free EV ownership and smooth customer convenience. Hyundai dealerships charging station will be open for the entire electric vehicle customers and be attainable by Hyundai and Tata Power EZ Charge Mobile App.

Hyundai Motor India will assist with its space, dealerships and necessary administrative approvals, Tata Power will maintain and operate the charging stations. It has easy access to charging stations and Tata Power EZ Charge Mobile App will allow customers to locate, navigate and make payments, access live status and even pre-book slots without inconvenience and provides vehicle charging experience.