Ninjacart in the third round of investment raised the largest agri tech deal in india. Through Flipkart and Walmart, Ninjacart raised $145 Million.

Flipkart and Walmart report a fresh round of strategic investment in the company (Ninjacart), interrupting India’s fresh produce to assemble the agriculture ecosystem. Flipkart and Walmart invest around US$145 million to develop and strengthen good quality fresh produce or goods for consumers and retailers, this will produce economic opportunities and better revenue for Indian farmers.

Ninjacart’s journey will accelerate through this investment, it will lead to building technology and infrastructure to organize, authorize and bring value to agriculture value chain members such as resellers, retailers, farmers, consumers and supply chain participants. The company continued to invest in tech platforms and supply chain infrastructure for the past two years.

Ninjacart founded in 2015, conducted by 63 ideas Infolabs. It started as hyperlocal grocery delivery and shifted to B2B (business-to-business) setup. This Start-up platform provides farmers with direct access to business establishments such as retailers, restaurants and shops to sell their own vegetables and fruits.



Ninjacart accelerate its journey through Walmart investment.

This platform works closely with farmers and helped over 1,00,000 farmers covering the 150 villages to generate better revenue. The CEO of Flipkart Group, Kalyan Krishnamurthy mentions, this investment they are able to strengthen their grocery footprint and offer as consumers with e-grocery for quality and affordable options in the fresh category.


Flipkart, Walmart and Ninjacart partnership


By Mid-next year, Flipkart offers grocery in 1800 cities, towns and they aim to reach 2,000 more towns. Fresh vegetables and fruits will be a fundamental part of the expansion, Flipkart is investing in technology capabilities to assure the highest and demanding quality checks for consumers.

Flipkart mentions to bring efficiency in the e-grocery shopping model of the community. The Flipkart company boosts its focus on collaborating with (FPOs) Farmer Producer Organization to have access to high-quality staples, fresh produce, pulses and spices on marketplace platforms and farmer communities will have new revenue opportunities across the country.

Ninjacart and Flipkart partnership is strengthening to encourage the local farming communities, this digitisation will provide the help to assure the quality of food throughout the agricultural life cycle.


Flipkart, Walmart collaborates with FPOs.

Flipkart Group CEO, Kalyan Krishnamurthy mentions, continuously focused on building the right infrastructure and technological solution to support to local farmers, producers and food processors. This investment will strengthen e-grocery with affordable and quality options in the fresh category. Their investment and partnership in Ninjacart for years has been a testament with commitment and success, it is observed in their endeavor to create a democratic and organized agriculture market. Flipkart is committed to build a sustainable eco-system for fresh produce and boost the communities associated within the process.

These funds will enable them to organize the farmer-to-retailer ecosystem with the larger goal of organizing the complete agro-ecosystem and permit transparent commerce. Ninjacart are ecstatic that Flipkart and Walmart will be partner to make their vision a reality. This will open up immense opportunities to manage their agri-ecosystem landscape. This investment fund be deployed to build “world-class” teams, tech platforms to organise and expand the network, mentioned by CEO of Ninjacart.