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Maersk Completions Acquisition Of Pilot Freight Services

Maersk logistics

Maersk teamed up with Pilot to expand their company with supply chain solutions. Maersk discloses their ambitious plan for the supply chain.

Maersk was founded in 1904, the founder of Maersk is Arnold Peter Moller. Currently, A.P. Moller has announced the accomplishment of its acquisition of Pilot Freight Services. It is US-based international and domestic supply chain supplier with cross-border solutions into Mexico and Canada. A Maersk Company mentioned, Pilot Freight services will be rebranded to Pilot.


Maersk Pilot freight benefits

This acquisition is strategic and highly complementary to provide the benefits to customers by offering customized domestic, international and cross-border logistics to North America, Maersk’s landside logistics capabilities for (B2B) business-to-business and (B2C) Business-to-customer distribution models.

Maersk is continuously working on its global supply chain to increase its growth with solutions for the customers which support their strategic business ambitions. Maersk Company with Pilot, the company plans to extend its end-to-end offerings deeper into the North America supply chain for their customers, while adding up important supply chain infrastructure scale and its capacity.

Maersk logistics

Maersk collaborate with Pilot Freight Services.

The collaboration of Maersk scale and Pilot will provide the offer to customers with approximately 150 facilities in the U.S which includes distribution centers, stations and hubs.

In February, the acquisition initially announced the company and Maersk mentioned about extending its integrated logistics offering into the supply chain of its customers. Their previous acquisition is made to provide integrated logistics solutions in North America which includes (PT) Performance Team, (B2B) warehousing and distribution and Visible SCM for e-commerce warehousing and parcel distribution.

The company Maersk has also mentioned that Pilot adds new services within big and bulky e-commerce segments and subsequently to elevate cross-selling opportunities, creating important cost synergies by leveraging capabilities of service solutions at different parts.

Pilot Group and Pilot Logistics established in 1996, it is a full-service transportation and logistics operator with 87 stations and hubs in North America with B2C expertise in retail, consumer electronics and home furnishing. This North America facility of 87 stations and hubs transported freight and distributed to end customers.

Maersk Managing director, improves their supply chain to achieve financial goals.

Maersk North America Managing Director, Narin Phol mentions that their customers are looking forward to accelerate their supply chain speed, to continually improve their end-to-end and remove handoffs, omni-channel model to achieve their finance growth goals. Pilot allow with its expertise and existing infrastructure to achieve these goals through creating a more nimble supply chain to provide service to their customers according to their requirement service.

The statement added, the transaction price of USD 168 billion equal to an enterprise value of USD 1.8 billion post IFRS-16 lease liabilities. According to Maersk, Pilot Freight services will be rebranded as Pilot.

Pilot Freight Services CEO, Zach Pollock mentions Teaming up with an industry leader Maersk, it is a natural fit and allows their company to tap into new growth and future opportunities for their customers and employees. They like Maersk’s continuous improvement mindset and active investment pattern for their supply chain to expand. They are excited to work together for an expanded role.

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