Equity 99 has been acquired with Maheshwari Logistics for over Rs. 250 Crores. The company has made a profit of 4.68 Crore.

The equity research and portfolio advisory firm has announced to release a report about Maheshwari Logistics. In 2006, Maheshwari Logistics incorporated a small cap company which had this market top of Rs. 301.89 Cr is operating in the logistics sector.

Maheshwari Logistics has been evolving in the transporter, dealing in papers, Business of Carriers, Waste Paper, Writing Papers, Board M.G Kraft Paper, transporters and they are proceeding with the company handling 13.87MT of logistics for FY21. For FY21, they stored around 1 Lakh tonne of waste papers spread to its five center. This is highly optimistic on this counter near the future it expects you to multi-bagger.

Equity 99 on Maheshwari Logistics has acquired with a target price of Rs. 250. At the present period the market price of Maheshwari Logistics is at Rs. 1019. Analyst gave Maheshwari Logistics Ltd. a time period for one-year and it is planning to reach its target price.

Maheshwari Logistics

Equity 99 has acquired Maheshwari logistics with Rs.250 Crores.

Maheshwari Logistics Ltd is one of the top organized player in Western India and it is also known to be the largest aggregator of fleet owners in the same place. Maheshwari Logistics company uses owned trucks and also uses 3rd party transportation services for the entire logistics operations. The company currently owns more than 60 trucks and has over 7,000 trucks which according to Research Head at Equity 99.

In 2006, it was combined with Maheshwari Logistics Ltd, it is a Small Cap company of Rs. 301.89 Crore which is being operated in the logistics sector. The Maheshwari Logistics Key Products and revenue segments demands Sale of Products, other Services by the end of the year 2021.

During the end of quarter in 2021 the company reported a stabilized Total Income of around Rs 256.81 Crore which is up to 1.85%. The last quarter of total Income was analysed to be Rs 252.14 Crore and which is up to 26.78% from the last year same quarter total income rise with Rs. 202.57 Crore. In the latest quarter the company had a profit of 4.68 Crore.

Maheshwari Logistics

Maheshwari Logistics latest quarter made the profit of 4.68 Crore.

The company has reported to secure the income of Rs. 256.81 Crore which is upto 1.85% and from the last year of quarter it made the income of Rs 252.14 Crore with a percentage of 26.78%. The last year of income raised around Rs. 202.57 Crore. Even the company has reported its profit in its recent quarter.

The global paper majors have increased the value of paper and the demand on the paper is on trend with the opening of colleges and schools, it is known to be good for the company. The company got the permission for its final eligibility of Subsidy of worth Rs. 25Cr for the Scheme Industry with Government of Gujarat. The company received its first instalment as Net SGST compensation from the Government

Considering the market Cap of the company the amount which is reserved is quite significant. As the above element, they have acquired Maheshwari Logistics with a price of Rs. 250 Cr.