Chicago announced about proceeding with its tech logistics and this year to escalate, thrive for the growth in logistics technology.


On April 19 World Business Chicago announced its recent report on the Chicago logistics sector. Chicago economic agency revealed Chicago’s legacy infrastructure, recent record-breaking level of VC investment, strong network of colleges, universities, research incubator has located in the logistics tech vertical.

Chicago is located at the U.S crossroads of distribution, transportation and logistics. Chicago companies are able to find advantage from central location, diverse pipeline and growing logistics innovation and tech. In its recent report it was mentioned, Chicago is acknowledged as top business center by Business Facilities magazine in April 2022. This is a city of transporting goods, transporting people and latest technology across the nation and the world.

WBC World business Chicago President and CEO Michael mentions, the growth investment and elevation in business is being impacted from innovation and technology, the city made an agreement for inclusive economic development and the local, founded start-up, companies and corporation will proceed towards thriving, expanding and growth.

Chicago Logistics

Edge Logistics discloses information on Chicago Tech Logistics.

(WBC) World Business Chicago logistics technology expands

In the Chicago zone World Business Chicago Research Centre observed an 802% increase in the Logistics Tech growth capital in 2019, it originated from an elevation in e-commerce. The global supply chain impact through this crisis has increased its emerging and expansion growth in tech which demands tools such as blockchain.

These are previous records to consider in Logistics tech they have raised $1.38 billion in the growth capital of 2021 and in 2019 just $0.15 Billion. In 2019-2021 the city growth capital investment challenges New York with 301 percentage points. In these 100 locals headquarter companies employ over 34,000.

Edge Logistics was founded in 2014, they provide transportation management solutions through technology and innovation for the supply chain sector. Edge Logistics President Will Kerr mentions, Chicago is the core center of American logistics, the Chicago logistics technology community has conducted new ideas. The nation can analyze that being in Chicago each day the investment is being poured. TD & L business over the years is known to be trending and according to its impact it has created/adapted changes in Chicago.

Chicago is an essential e-commerce and transportation hub, it is known to be important for the companies who are looking to boost, expand and grow their companies. It is significant for those 6 of 7 class railroads that run through Chicago. TD & L is Chicago nation’s largest market, for over 260 K employees individual will be generating $24 Billion annually.

Chicago Logistics

Chicago largest market TD & L generated $24 Billion.

World Business Chicago research director Hannah Loftus mentioned during the preparation of the latest report Chicago provides the second highest concentration of employees in tech and transportation both. Chicago is ranked as a top city for these occupations in sales, engineering and logistics which is inclining towards significant growth in this sector.

The larger verticals of Chicago’s ecosystem, Logistics Tech rank as second-highest growth in investment in 2021. Tech ecosystem comprises 5 unicorns and 2 publicly held by the company and the valuation escalated to $190 M from $50M in 2020.

1871’s supply chain innovation lab is an incubator program based in Chicago which will be launching its application in April 2022. This is an opportunity to fill gaps at the early-stage logistics firms to grow its supply chain and logistics technology.