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Amazon Web Services And Bosch Collaborate For Advance Digital Logistics

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services and Bosch have planned to collaborate to bring out Digitalization in the Logistics industry.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a US based cloud provider they have planned to provide logistics companies and freight forwarders over the global easy and quick access to their digital services through the AWS platform.

Bosch are collaborating with AWS for a strategic partnership, as Bosch will manage the developing and operating logistic platform which means they will have a control on core, AWS will offer its comprehensive cloud offering and their expertise.

This digital platform will provide the benefit of smooth interaction with the data and various services. This platform will enable transportation and benefit for the companies with digitalization opportunities to make a foundation of their own resource and cost-intensive IT projects.

The digital logistics service providers will have access to the marketplace. The consumer and Industry will find the advantage such as greater reliability, transparency in parcel delivery and in their products.

Amazon Web Services

Bosch collaborates with AWS for the advance logistics services.

Bosch Limited Executive Director, Sandeep Nelamangala mentioned, the logistics industry and transportation works as the foundation of the global economy. The transport volume for goods and commodities is increasing while continuously reducing its carbon footprint. Bosch collaboration with AWS aims to ring in the future of the industry and progress the industry with its digitalization.

AWS business development and Industries Vice president mentions the challenges were faced during developing hyperconnected transportation functions which are examined to be the most complex technical challenges.

The logistics industry and transportation has been flourishing for years. The Covid-19 period of pandemic observed that online orders and parcels packages deliveries saw a higher increase which gave the industry a boost. Industry further focusing on global goods transport to grow more than 40 per cent by 2030 and the figure is expected to increase by 145 percent by 2050.

This platform plays a key role to provide advantage to create an entire ecosystem and software environment where freight carriers and forwarders can decide, choose, book and even provide executors with different providers services according to their own specific needs. It even enables to have easy integration of applications which are relevant to the market such as transportation management systems.

Digital Logistics gives access to industry and customers  for their transparency in their packages.

The logistics customers who have access to a digital marketplace will be able to transform their business with a digital end-to-end value chain. They will receive the benefits from tools, frameworks and modules which are offered for digitalization and improve their transportation procedure.

About the company:

Bosch was founded on Nov 15,1886. Bosch is based in Germany their headquarter is at Gerlingen. It is a multinational technology and engineering company which was founded by Robert Bosch. Bosch has recently collaborated with AWS (Amazon Web Services). Amazon Web Services founders are Andy Jassy and Lily Yuen Xu since 2006. It is cloud computing based which gives basic abstract technical infrastructure and computing building blocks and tools. Their collaboration will bring improvement for the logistics industry.

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