Shipium is an e-commerce logistics company. It provides help for the company to provide faster delivery to their customers according to their required order. Recently, Shipium became a reason to level-up their supply chain with Amazon.


Shipium was founded in 2019, their founders are Mac Brown and Jason Murray. Though consumers need their package quickly, every business cannot provide the same level of supply chain technology as Walmart or Amazon.

Until, Shipium got founded in 2019 with a bunch of former Amazon Prime and Zulily builders who come under the supply chain. This co-founder and CEO Jason Murray has worked with Amazon nearly for over 20 years. During this experience, automating and learn to resolve prime problems which he called “how to make fast shipping affordable.

Murray mentioned that the huge tech stack required to coordinate all of this is predicting and movement of inventory in the network. All the pieces require coordination to have a result for an efficient and faster shipping process to build a business as Prime.

Software cold deck, the company Shipium focuses on to provide e-commerce businesses with supply chain service to provide quicker and affordable delivery options for the consumers. The logistics industry for e-commerce is predicted to be valued at more than $3 trillion which will impact the world by the year of 2028.


Shipium software start-up launches supply chain platform.

Though it is highlighted that data modelling is the actual sauce of this business. By adding on to uniting previous disjointed and static decisions. It has access to collect data on cost-effective, convenient, time saving shipping techniques, learn for machine learning and logical process then it makes suggestions according to its learning about specific customers.

As the average percentage, the firms declared to lower shipping expenses by the percentage of 5% and claimed the quick deliveries by a few days. Though Jason Murray, the CEO of Shipium informs that start-up firm has secured the value $8 million in last year, even informed that the demand has been increased.

Shipium CEO informed about its recent technology for shop is an asset but currently it is delaying to use it because of lack of technology. The Covid period has pushed most shops into a reactive mode but he envisions that e-commerce will be at its next-level.

For the past nine months, the company has managed over 10 million shipments and They are focused to track their delivery of over 50 million shipments by the end of this year. The company Shipium covers five-digit ZIP codes for over 91% and it delivers its goods overall in 50 states.


Shipium funding made $27.5 million.

The company Shipium announced $27.5 million in Series A funding which is led by Insight Partners and Shipium recommended as the largest venture-backed Series-A for the supply chain software start-up. Since 2019, the company has given the total amount of funding of $38.7 million.

CEO of Shipium informs Murray that engineering and the company are building a nuanced product, he will be adding to its marketing teams and for the sales. Shipium’s recent innovation requires navigating the local presence and uniting everyone which includes bazillion new carriers. The CEO informs, they want their platform to be the bridge of legacy tech, it should be usable by the retailers.