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EV Logistics And Swiggy Collaborates On Electric Vehicle Delivery

EV Logistics

EV logistics and Swiggy partnered after Swiggy technical glitches, it is has planned to launch its delivery strategy in Gujarat. Swiggy has expanded its prime location of around 20-25 area in Surat.


Swiggy the food delivery platform recently reported a nationwide discontinuation on Wednesday. Some food delivery Platforms including Swiggy did witnessed technical glitches and unable to respond for an hour because of the outage by (AWS) Amazon Web Services. Recently, Swiggy showed a progress after this clash on their platform.

Even Swiggy and EVIFY which is a tech enabled EV logistics platform made its foundation in Surat. This collaboration in Gujarat will help food delivery firm to adapt the entire electric process and will choose a sustainable way of delivery. It is focused on covering 80% of pre-eminent areas of Surat for their delivery.

This collaboration of Swiggy and EV logistics is aimed to focus on green initiative which is to conserve the environment by remarkably decreasing carbon emissions and this progression will direct EVs for its vital step. The ordinal number which Swiggy is covering for their prime location in Surat is in 20-25 locations.

EV Logistics

Swiggy collaborate with EV tech logistics to build electric delivery in Gujarat.

The EVIFY is planning to bring a backup with the extra Electric vehicles. This platform has adapted to charge the hub for Swiggy in the middle of the city for parking and charging EVs. The benefit this backup provides it enabled the hub to exchange electric vehicles batteries which can provide more time to vehicles.

After this collaboration, EVIFY founder Devrishi Arora mentions this collaboration will allow Swiggy to transport the delivery and will be effective to save the planet as well. This new delivery operation with the use of EVs deliveries is expected to decrease delivery operations which cost on preceding to 40%.

Swiggy Cluster Operation Head, Vinay Kumar mentions that Saving the planet is the requirement of the hour. Swiggy has approved to take a step towards sustainability and stability. The company head mentions with EVIFY to execute this idea to deliver food through Electric Vehicles and contribute for their society.

Swiggy till now has covered around 20-25 location in Surat.

EVIFY’S aim to lead and transform India’s E-commerce with the last-mile delivery to be electric and environment friendly. This entire process is adapted for the improvement, they hope to build EV value chain through ethical practices which emphasises on suitability and equality. The company aims to use solar power to charge their EVs and Green Warehousing to launch this in future. The company EVIFY has achieved 1,25,000 + green km and 30,000+ green deliveries in March 31, 2022. It is also saving 10,000 Kg Co2 emission for the environment.

EVIFY responded with its future plans that the company plans to develop this partnership to other location such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Rajkot. They are aiming on hiring women driver partners, intentional effort to go carbon negative, technology support for client partners and the platform inspects towards the EV logistics landscape. It is planning to upgrade its platform with client insights and fleet management. In the future Swiggy is focusing on to cover 8 lakh kilometres a day in EVs by the year of 2025.

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