Tesla during the period of Logistics disruption and shortage of chip astonished the company with the sales of 310,000 vehicles. Tesla even announced to launch its new factory for their growth.


In 2021, Tesla during dreadful period led to an uplift in their supply chain delivery sales of 310,000 vehicles which approximately made 68% company informed on Saturday. Industry trend reported on the highest rate in car sales, despite the shortages and disruptions.

Tesla launched two latest factories which is located in outside the Berlin and Austin and the company during a week ago resumed with shipping and producing cars. But Tesla has not revealed the locations of producing, manufacturing and selling of Tesla cars. Tech analyst with Wedbush Securities, Dan Ives informed that the company sales and production output were one step greater than it was predicted about the risks.


Elon Musk informs in a conference call about blocking new modal because of Chip shortage.

Background on Tesla.

Tesla is an American Electric Vehicle company which produces Cars and does the shipment of best Electric Cars. Tesla was found in July 1st, 2003 in CA and the founder is Elon Musk since 2008.

Tesla remained a valuable automakers and companies for years, its capitalization is nearly $1 trillion. During the pandemic hit a lot of business and companies were impacted by the Covid. It led to huge shortage and disruption of their shipment and products.

Even the global chip storage troubled all automakers and Tesla was one of those companies who dealt with maximum amount of shortage than other industries. Analysts of Wedbush informs that in the first quarter 20, 000 to 25,000 sales and it was enforced back to Second quarter of logistics disruptions.


Tesla after pandemic hit discovered business solutions.

  • On Saturday, Tesla automakers of solar panels informed their results about its delivery and production. During the period of 2021 in October-December its old delivery discovers the records of cars was around 308,600. In the last year of quarter Tesla resulted to deliver 185,000 vehicles.
  • Tech analysts Dan Ives mentions, Tesla results are impressive as its recent event on Shutdown in China because of Covid led to huge impact on logistics and delivering units to customers in Europe. The first quarter took an uplift raise for the company but the second quarter declines in the growth rate, which was predicting to impact for the rest of 2022.

In 2022, Tesla launch a New factory as “Gigifactory” in Germany.

  • According to records of company last year 2020 delivery records which was 936,000 and an increase of percentage around increase to 87%. The company informs that it predicts for its annual growth in sales around 50% which aims at delivery of vehicles should be around 1.4 million vehicles.
  • One of the impacts Tesla faced when Elon Musk informed in a conference call that according to shortage of Chip, he decided to stop launching any new models during this year.
  • Elon Musk tweeted to inform that it was exceptionally difficult quarters, as they faced supply chain disruptions and China zero Covid policy during this year. Tesla team and Key suppliers saved the day with their outstanding work and efforts. As the company sold 310,000 vehicles.
  • Tesla launched a factory as “Gigafactory” in Germany on March 22 and it plans to produce half a million vehicles each year. Tesla company do not predict to output many vehicles from the Gigafactory by the year of 2025.