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First logistics hub Amazon create job opportunities in Turkey

Amazon hub

Amazon’s largest hub center is known for its e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. But, now Amazon proceeds with the new idea of launching its first hub in Turkey, with the $100 million investment.

According to recent reports U.S. e-commerce Amazon is opening its first logistic center in Turkey, the reason behind its new location opening is to support local partners and businesses, to analyse consumer demands which are rapidly increasing in the recent world.

According to the Wednesday statement Logistics in Turkish hub metropolis, Istanbul is expected to be launched in the fall season. This hub is invested more than $100 million, and over more than 1, 000 employee will have the opportunity to work. This new logistic center aims to support both export operation and domestic of its sales partners and it involves medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with this investment, this service will provide quality and speed of service.

In Turkey Amazon established its first logistics in 2018, it has created 500 jobs to this date. The company has informed the recruitment process for core functions such as human resources, operations, accounting, engineering. Even (IT) is establishing a new logistics foundation in Tuzla district on Istanbul’s Asian side.

Amazon hub

Amazon established its First logistics hub in Turkey.

An asset for logistics teams and customer service are required to begin by the coming month. Amazon has announced to work with partners who are providing the delivery services. This company is a global selling platform which is an e-commerce export platform to sell internationally and in India. There is a maximum of 18 global marketplaces in more than 200 countries and territories on amazon. A new launch of amazon hub is added in the location of Istanbul (Turkey). 

Amazon in turkey plans to sustain and develop to permit (SMB) small and medium businesses as a selling partner to grow their business by reaching a huge number of customers, grow sales, firm their brands, and create job opportunities by using Amazon warehousing and delivery services. 

Last year Amazon invested over $18 billion in selling partner success and established over 250 tools and services which can help them to manage and uplift their growth in businesses. Globally SMBs sell approximately 50 percent of their store and which observed to make 60 percent of sales.

Da?l?o?lu is the investment president in Turkey since 2020. Da?l?o?lu emphasized and highlighted that Turkey is a regional center for the activities of many international investors, in various areas that includes design, logistics, education, production, research and development, management.


Amazon in Turkey holds 1,000 empolyee opportunity for their job.

Amazon CEO who decided to invest in the first logistics foundation in Turkey, their focal point prioritize sustainability and green transformation, create employment which became a conclusive example of rhetoric. This recent logistics base in Turkey is vital for further strengthening their e-commerce sector, till this date it has been escalating through great momentum in the markets of export and domestics market.

Amazon Vice president of EU operation Stefano Perego informs on investment and reaffirmed the company’s trust in Turkey. Perego mentions they are extremely thrilled and excited for the job opportunities is shown in numerous ways and this will prepare on giving a modern, safe working environment, satisfactory wages, and benefits for the new employees.

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