New Delhi-based logistics company, Smartr Logistics has shared its plans that the company is looking forward to making an entry into the fast-growing industry of third-party logistics (3PL) from the upcoming year. The Managing Director and CEO of the company, Yogesh Dhingra has said that with this, the company is likely to set up 15 fulfilment centres and also the facilities of some big warehousing at some of the selected locations.

The company was launched last year as a tech start-up and now it is planning to expand its current position in more than 250 cities and 6,000 PIN codes in India, hopefully by the end of this year. Smartr logistics has its presence across 50 cities in the nation currently, with almost 75 service centres. Yogesh Dhingra has mentioned that the company will be making an entry into the third-party logistics business in the early months of next year. The company would be offering warehousing facilities and fulfilment centres among other competitors to provide the end customer with end-to-end service.

third party logistics

The company was launched last year as a tech start-up and now it is planning to expand its current position in India.

He also added that the company will be doing various tasks like storage, packaging, billing delivery under the 3PL business structure. According to Dhingra, the company is trying its best to figure out ways and different kinds of businesses in which they can get into the space and fulfil the need of the customers in terms of logistics services.

He said that Smartr logistic is looking forward to having more than 3,500 PIN codes and approximately 100 cities by the end of June this year and 250 cities with over 6,000 PIN codes by the month of December this year. He also added that its Ground Express product will soon be launched by Smartr Logistics from the second quarter of the upcoming fiscal year of the company.  According to the CEO, the company is looking forward to the opportunity for business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce, and direct-to-consumer (D2C), which is taking place in the industry at a great speed. 

Almost 50 per cent of the market size is premium, while the remaining half of it is suffering from low cost or semi-premium. Smartr logistics is a company that offers a range of premium products with a premium price range, and also has another product for the segment that deals in low cost, in order to cover both the market with their aim of expansion. The company has also been in talks with airlines for tie-up as there is almost 15,000 tons of space that is available for the transportation of fast cargo and using that space at optimum level efficiently will be beneficial for both the airlines and the customers.

third party logistics

Managing Director and CEO of Smartr Logistics, Mr Yogesh Dhingra.

There are many airports that come under the regional air connectivity scheme of the government, UDAAN, it is likely expected by the company to help the whole logistics and e-commerce business modal. There is a possibility that India will become one of the busiest hubs for import-export for the Asia Pacific. Presently, Hong Kong and Dubai are at the top, and the initiatives that the government is taking will soon result in India becoming a good destination for the movement of any import or export, which will help the domestic industry as well.