Ninjacart during the week announced a $25 Million fund back seed-stage agritech start-ups part of the ‘Agri Seed Fund’. Ninjacart enables Tecxprt’s rich technology to digitize its operations and streamline communication with the company’s ecosystem.

Ninjacart was founded on 1st July in 2015, the acquisition will enable Ninjacart to leverage Tecxprt’s which is a rich technology suite to digitize its operation and efficiently streamline communication within the company’s ecosystem. 

Ninjacart focuses on building the largest agri-platform. They are planning to invest significantly and the extent to the technology-driven disruption in the agri-commerce space. Tecxpert is moving towards its first step,and thrilled to have the Tecxprt team onboard their journey. They are excited to witness a transformed life of Agri value with the participants together.

Naveen Murugan Texcprt managing direction and the founder mentions that they are thrilled to be part of Ninjacart, grateful that the team has shown immense confidence in them. Their strategic growth of the combined workforce and even their tech capabilities will be an intense force towards achieving their joint ambitions of accelerating growth, which will be streamlining India’s Agri-ecosystem.


Ninjacart did an announcement that $25 million funds were raised from agritech its Agri Seed Fund”.

Ninjacart Benefits Revealed by the Start-Up Platform

This company founder has been Naveen Murugan,Tecxprt  they claim to automate the complex business procedure by performing a variety of jobs to ensure efficient and smooth corporate operations. This adds capabilities to meet the needs of businesses so that it will run more easily from single locations.

In this acquisition, they strengthen their position as the one-stop solution for agri-players, small businesses, and retailers which are providing agri-commodities across the country. In 2015 Ninjacart was set up and it started as a hyperlocal grocery delivery service before transitioning to a B2B model.

Farmers can use the startup’s platform to sell fruit and veggies directly to businesses including retailers, restaurants, and shops. The company intensified its focal point on partnering with (FPOs) farmer producer organizations who provided access to high-quality fresh produce, pulses, spices, and staples which is bringing the latest revenue opportunities for the farmer communities across the places.



The startup declares to cater to more than 150 markets and reportedly equipped 1,400 food items in under 12hours.

The startup declares to cater to more than 150 markets and reportedly equipped 1,400 food items in under 12hours to over 17K local Kirana stores and restaurants in seven Indian cities daily. It posted a net loss of around INR 484.4 Cr in FY20, with an operational revenue of INR 469 Cr. Walmart backed Flipkart and invested $145 Million in the start-up in December last year.

Tecxprt is a SaaS-based start-up that automates complex business processes to streamline business operations, allowing the users to operate and track their organization which is from a single platform. The software Of Ninjacart connect its stakeholders of the supply chain, who are covering the entire journey of its products and from the entire process to order fulfillment to logistics.

In January Ninjacart executed an Rs. 100 Cr (ESOP) employee stock ownership plan. Past workers and Current ones are having vested ESOPs of December 2021 who are allowed to sell all of them that will aid the start-up objective of building technology, infrastructure for consumers, retailers, farmers, and supply chain partners