As a result of the continuous increase in demand for logistics services, the industry has been growing rapidly in Southeast Asia. In the present day, there is a large number of logistic companies, which are catering services for every single need of various businesses in the region. There is a constant attempt by the large established firms and small start-ups to mark an impact in the industry of logistics. While there are large companies who are providing multiple and various kinds of services for the businesses, the smaller companies have found a way to serve specific needs of the industry which later enables them to specialise in them.

Today, most e-commerce platforms have either established or acquired companies that offer logistics services in order to improve the services they provide to customers. On the other side, the development in technology has also contributed to stimulating the growth of the industry as it has enabled companies to provide better-connected services. For an instance, Lala-move is a company that connects users with several delivery partners through their web and mobile apps to provide delivery services. Currently operating in Asia and Latin America, the company has over 700,00 delivery riders.  


J&T Express is a logistics company based in Indonesia. 

With companies expanding their services globally, J&T Express has marked itself as the latest Asian logistics company that has entered the market of Latin America. The international level logistics company has launched its network in Mexico as well. the vice president of J&T Express, Charles Hou has said that the launch in Mexico is an important step for the expansion of the company and its global network that will signify the benefits of the sponsorship model in a region in the expansion in the world.

J&T Express is a part of the new generation of express logistics companies which are focused on internationalisation and the company gives importance to the market of Latin America. The company hopes to focus on its competitive advantage through the unique model of management, technological developments, and local operations to provide their customer with better logistics services’ Hou added. This expansion strategy will help the global network of J&T Express to mark in the top eleven countries and also allows the company to lead and support its customers to boost its growth in e-commerce by making a way in global markets. The company’s network covers major regions in all 32 states in Mexico with its 12 sorting centres and 26 distribution centres. The J&T Express mobile application will launch soon as a crucial part of its delivery service.


J&T Express has marked itself as the latest Asian logistics company that has entered the market of Latin America.

The company’s delivery network has covered many countries and regions in the world including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. After the successful launch of the network and entry into the Latin American market in Mexico, the company further plans to lead the emerging markets and expand the network for future connections in the world that could efficiently help and bring benefits of logistics services to all by becoming a brand in the growing industry of logistics.