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IT specialist Accenture is expanding into tier-2 cities to improve employee experience and freedom


The Ireland-based multinational company with a specialization in Information Technology consultation, Accenture has announced that it is opening new offices in Jaipur and Coimbatore as a crucial part of its strategies to expand the talent pool of the company by providing more freedom for the workers in terms of their workplace. The company has only operated in the metropolitan cities of India in the past.

In the late weeks of 2021, a note was sent to the staff by Accenture mentioning details about the development of a new model by the company that provides more flexibility to the employees in terms of where a person is working. According to the company, the strategy of ‘one size fits all’ is not the appropriate approach for the future of work. The company believes in its perspective of how, when, and where we work will cover the business and the work that is done by Accenture’s people. This strategy will enable people to choose their own location of work at the company’s Advanced Technology Centres in India.


Accenture has announced the opening of new offices in Jaipur and Coimbatore as a  part of its strategies to expand the talent pool of the company.

Alongside, the opening of offices has also opened job opportunities in Jaipur as the company’s website presently has jobs for financial operations and operational data collection. The company is looking for a variety of technical skills that are in demand right now in addition to functional experts also. The company also mentioned that despite the team loving the freedom that virtual working provides, at the same time they also appreciate and value the face-to-face connection, and the opening of physical working space will bridge the gap and will provide an alternative that meets both the demands in a certain way. The additional sites will add strengthening to the already strong talent pool and will help to the diversified pool of talent that the company has.

Accenture is yet to confirm the decision for Coimbatore, but there are some of the job sites that have postings for application developers and BPO for the location. With a total workforce of 624,000, Accenture has approximately 2.5 lakh people from India, who are working with the company as its employees. Accenture has made several investments in tier-2 cities over the past 20 years through various locations in Central and Eastern European locations, although they were on a smaller scale than tier-2 towns of India.

The company is looking for a variety of technical skills that are in demand right now in addition to functional experts.

According to the principal analyst of research and consultancy firm ISG, Mrinal Rai has mentioned that allowing the employees of the company to work flexibly from their preferred location is an attempt not just to provide an employee with freedom and flexibility, but also to assure the withholding. She also stated that providers generally look for venues with low costs to supply their services, at the same time trying to make sure the quality of their service is not affected.

The IT sector is considerably increasing the automation projects, the costs of management, employee education, working in remote areas, and also ensuring the positive experience of their employees. However, allowing people to work from their preferred location is an important part of improving the experience, Mrinal added.

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