RGL planning 6 lakh Sq. for warehousing space, and adopting a technology to guide to efficient and green operations. Robison’s global logistics is planning massive goals which will impact the entire supply chain.

Robinsons Global Logistics based on Mumbai, it is an asset as a third-party logistics and warehousing company is prompt increase in growth trajectory. Around INR 20 Cr investing will be in 2022, and expanding its footprint across key metros which will push in tier 2, and across the 3 towns.

RGL planning to add more than 6 lakh Sq. which includes warehousing space, and adopting a technology manage to guide to efficient and green operations.

The company is working on to increase their workforce by 50% of additional and, inviting skilled talent which can be part of advance tech driven vision. The company of RGL’s developing plans are driven by the management’s confidence in providing unbeaten service delivery which is existing and also provides to new customers whose demands are evolving and dynamic. They planning to lease a space for warehouses of 30, 000sq ft. in Hyderabad.

This new expansion plans RGL to revolve in the setting up to additional Grade A warehousing area of 6 Lakh sq. ft, across this location of Kolkata, Bhiwandi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Gurugram. The planned a long-term agreement of 90,000 and 30,000 sq. ft area in Kolkata and Bhiwandi in January.


The company planning to lease a space for warehouses of  near 30, 000sq ft. in Hyderabad.

RGL key investing area in logistics sector.

“We are planning to invest around 15-20 crore to enhance our operations. We plan to allow up to 10% of the 15-20 crore investment and in warehouses 15-20% of the budget will be allocated for manpower training, development and tech implementation. However, the massive amount is designated for space acquisition, we are also carrying our efforts towards environment-friendly packaging of products by eliminating single-use plastic and have already developed an efficient transport management system successfully.

Added, since we operate on an asset-light model, investing in MHEs (material handling equipment), racks and similar facilities to enhance our in-house warehousing operations and cost efficiencies, will also be a major focus Said Mr. Aditya Vazirani, CEO of RGL.

RGL offers various range of service which includes vendor Managed Inventory, Just-in-time, RE-ordering with customer factories, Spare parts management for mobile phones and earth moving equipment company to ensure availability for around 363 days of the year, 24×7. RGL has been securing in by leading e-commerce last mile delivery aggregator to provide fulfilment services for their customers. RGL has set up 2 dark stores will soon expand store footprint to 25 locations before the year ends.


RGL has set up 2 dark stores will soon expand store footprint to 25 location.

RGL’s customers range from Global MNC to massive Indian Corporates and several start-ups with products ranging from Mobile Phones, Dairy, Home Furnishings, High-End Audio Equipment, Televisions, Industrial Engineering Products, Ball Bearings, Gym and other equipments.

RGL will be replacing product boxes with biodegrable, recyclable material to be a responsible partner to its customers while ensuring to uncompromising quality and value delivery, it was in the Reponses for adopting greener practices. RGL has 25 years of experience in warehousing services which has been delivering customized solutions to its clients. The adopting ambitious goals such as external investors talk which will achieve the profit and impact the supply chain in an optimistic way for the company.