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Supply chain risk: Canada trucker blockade poses risk to supply chain, auto industry, White Housewarns

Supply chain

After the Canada trucker blockage of the bridge was announced which is between Canada and Detroit. New supply chain risk got imposed in 2022 pandemic.

The white house warned on Wednesday as Ottawa announced the urged to an end to the 13-day demonstration against coronavirus mandated. A blockage of the bridge between Canada and Detroit by protesters demanding an end to Canada’s, for the ford plant and it began prime minister Justin Trudeau, who stand firm against the Canada’s covid-19 restriction against Trudeau.

Till the Monday night for inbound Canada traffic Ambassador Bridge, a key supply route for the U.S industry in Detroit, has been shut down. On late Tuesday another border crossing got closed in Alberta from both directions. The risk in supply chain industry is getting imposed by the Canadian truckers’ blockade and U.S officials are in touch with their counterparts in Canada on the issue about the white house, said on Wednesday.

Supply chain

Canada’s covid-19 restriction against Trudeau.

Impact of Covid on Canadian supply-chain

During the two-week long protests against COVID pandemic mandates and other restrictions this week halted or sharply slowed traffic at the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit, Michigan, and Ontario, Windsor. The bridge, Canada  busiest link to the United States, about 25 percent of trade is used to transport vehicles and parts and agricultural products.

The Canadian authorities indicated increasing worry about the economic effects and bridge only carries 25% of all trade, in these two countries. Ford said the parts shortage forced it to shut down its engine plant in Windsor and to run an assembly plant in Ontario, Oakville on a reduced schedule.

This interruption on the Detroit-Windsor bridge hurts customers, suppliers, auto workers, communities and companies on both sides of the border, said late on Wednesday. White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said, the blockade poses a serious risk to the supply chain for the auto-industry because the bridge is a key conduit for motor vehicles, parts and components, and delays the risk of disrupting auto production.

Canada authorities indicated economic effect, the bridges carries 25% of all trade.

Trudeau said in Parliament, the reality is that vaccine mandates and fact is Canadians stepped up to get vaccinated for almost 90% ensured and emphasised in Canada pandemic hit us harder than anywhere else in the world.

“Freedom Convoy” starting to occupy downtown Ottawa opposing a vaccination for the quarantine mandate for cross-border truckers mirrored by the U.S. government, protesters have aired grievances about the carbon tax and other legislation.

According to White house press, said “I think it is important for everyone in Canada and the United States to understand what the impact of this blockage leaves a potential impact on workers and on the supply chain and it is where we are currently focusing on”, said Jen Psaki secretary, white house

Track potential disruptions to U.S. agricultural exports from Michigan into Canada.

We are looking forward to track potential disruptions to U.S. agricultural exports from Michigan into Canada.

The bridge closure already caused much damage and shortage for car makers Stellantis assembly plant in Windsor. The plants were able to resume production by Wednesday morning, the company said. Ottawa residents informed Protesters were attacked and harassed and streets in Toronto being blocked, which is leading to an impact on supply chain.

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