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GrubMarket acquires Supply Chain Software Provider Nova Libra


GrubMarket has announced the acquisition of Nova Libra, a Chicago-based highly reputed company that provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) to its customers and mainly particularizes in supply chain and e-commerce software solutions for various businesses of different sizes. The company provides thorough software and other e-commerce components to the businesses dealing in the supply chain of food, which includes distributors, wholesalers, and retailers dealing across the nation.


 Nova Libra primarily offers its e-commerce, information management of the product, and vendor–employee portals that help to maintain communication for better working.

Nova Libra is an organization that has brought many ideas, thoughts, and concepts to reality. The company was founded by Tom Greenhaw, more than 23 years ago. Nova Libra primarily offers its products of enterprise -e-commerce, information management of the product, and vendor – employee portals that help to maintain communication for better working. Some of the areas that the company expertise in are cloud computing, AI and machine learning, large-scale data management that is done with focusing on Oracle as well as Microsoft technologies. The company also has CORAL e-commerce as well as a communication platform that comprises a whole API for point of sale combination and also helps its clients who are looking for an end-to-end solution for their business. With the help of this flexible approach, the company has been able to maintain firm relationships with many of its clients and customers for more than a decade.

GrubMarket, founded in the year 2014, is a food technology company based out of San Francisco that is currently operating in the food supply chain industry to serve its businesses customers as well as the end consumers. The company is also working towards its ability to provide SaaS solutions that can lead to the digital transformation of the food supply chain industry not just in America, but worldwide. GrubMarket is currently operating in many cities of America like Georgia, California, New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, Texas, British Columbia, and Illinois, with plans to expand the business in the rest of the U.S., Canada and other regions of the world.

Many companies in the market have relied on Nova Libra for their service to provide software development with excellence.

Nova Libra’s team up with GrubMarket is a great opportunity for the company to add to its advanced experience of supply chain management, which is of 23 years in the business of wholesale food. Many companies in the market have relied on Nova Libra for their service to provide software development with excellence. The President of Nova Libra, Tom Greenhaw has shared that both the companies share the mission to provide better quality food with nutrition to all the markets, which is a great attempt.

According to the CEO of GrubMarket, Mike Xu, Nova Libra is a company that holds a trustworthy reputation in the space of software development and has great experience in the business for more than two decades. The company has proved to be a profitable business with a record of high customer and employee satisfaction, as well as control. It is important for the survival of traditional retail businesses to have a well-built presence of e-commerce and operation in the current digital time. The adoption of digital transformation practices has accelerated due to the pandemic, especially in the space of the food supply chain. 

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