Jammu and Kashmir introducing advance infrastructure plans under the health industry. The Government is leading massive projects, for the Jammu and Kashmir, which will advance the benefits for J&K patients.

During the COVID-19 the whole world including Jammu and Kashmir facing an extraordinary challenge in pandemic, even the administration of Jammu and Kashmir has step up with the medical infrastructure across the union Territory to safeguard the lives of people, it provided them with the best possible medical care facilities.

To strengthen the medical infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir across it, 400 health Infrastructure Projects, works worth around Rs. 7177 crores are being initiated here. The new projects as New AIIMS with other projects it cost Rs. 2000 Cr one each at Jammu Division and Kashmir Division. New seven Government Medical college has been established with amount of Rs. 1595 Cr. New Nursing colleges are being organised, which is numbered as Ten with the approximate cost of Rs. 60 Crore. Around Rs. 240 Cr, two state cancer institute coming up, for each at Jammu and Kashmir.


Around Rs. 367 crore World Bank gave financial assistance of Rs. 367 crore to Jammu and Kashmir, for health care.

Jammu and Kashmir received Rs. 881 crores for 140 health projects and under PMDP which is total of 75 projects, nearly 26 projects will be completed soon. Around Rs. 367 crore World Bank is giving financial assistance of Rs 367 crore to Jammu and Kashmir, for strengthening the health care institutions.

The issue of shortage of doctors in Jammu and Kashmir raised and addressed, various initiative such as Five new medical colleges and 2 more medical colleges at Handwara and Udhampur, total 500 MBBS seats are given in Government Medical College, out of them 85 seats are reserved for weaker sections, which is taken by them.

The upgraded new medical colleges, added the district Hospitals with required facilities with 500 bedded hospitals. During the shortage is to be overcome by post-graduate doctors and to prepare specialists at the level, around 250 seats have increased because of the health Department started a course on Diploma of National Board Courses in the Government medical college.

These expansion initiatives have develop providing in incremental improvements and positive changes in the Health Index of J&K. In past three years, the neonatal mortality rate in Jammu and Kashmir has come down from 23.1 to 13.3 per 1000. Infant mortality rate has come down to around 32.4 to 16.3 per 1000. Sex Ratio of birth has expanded from 923 to 976 per 1000.


The district Hospitals with required facilities with 500 bedded hospitals.

Around 7% to 92.4% institutional deliveries have increased. This remarkable upgradation of health care infrastructure will be set up for Two Medi-cities , for a place such as Sempora, Pampore which will act as a centre point for the whole population in the valley, they will be able to take benefit of specialised health services.

The Jammu Kashmir Government approved to construct the additional block of Indira Gandhi Government Dental college, which cost Rs. 44.46 crore. This new block which is under construction will increase patient load by creating infrastructure for clinical departments which includes hospital administration, operation theatre and dental history department etc. It is aimed to provide a quality dental service to the public and dental care post-graduate courses, which will improve and advance vital dental care service.